By ZAS - 22/8/2012 16:57 - Canada - Toronto
Today, while I was shopping at a store with my friend, I noticed a cute girl smiling at us. My friend said "She's all yours," and walked away. When I approached her, she asked me if my friend was single. FML
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It sucks when this type of thing happens all the time. When I was younger and it took me longer to open up to people, I'd invite girls to hang out with me and my friends to make it less awkward. We'd have a good time together, but the girls would often end up falling for one of my friends.

  Psych101  |  9

2- Wow. Talk about eloquence and quick wit.

OP, the good news is that unlike many of people who have posted FMLs, you actually have a good friend. So you're already ahead of the curve.

  Psych101  |  9

Is it just me, or does the first sentence of 5's comment not make any sense? I understand and agree with the rest of it, but I just don't get the first one.

By  lovepandorasaver  |  11

Well I hope that didn't take away all your confidence and you kept trying to talk to her. If not keep pressing on and you will find a better girl that is attracted to you, instead of someone else.

  Krirn  |  21

Then in a few months OP is going to post another FML about walking into his GF's bedroom to find her and his friend having sex, when "its not what it looks like, she was just looking for her contacts".