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Today, my car ran out of gas. I was 20 feet away from the gas pump and the only person I could ask for help was the attendant, who'd asked me out a week ago. I'd said no, and so did he. FML
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What's all this BS about karma? She's allowed to date whomever she wants.

Karma? If I was a girl, I don't think that I'd want to date a gas station attendant either.


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I can't believe people are still making Chuck Norris references. As if 4Chan doesn't have enough...

He is probably happy you said "no" if you can't push your car 20 feet.

Karma? If I was a girl, I don't think that I'd want to date a gas station attendant either.

fill something up with gas and bring it to your car...?

47- why the hell not, assuming he's got all the qualities you look for in a person, he's not going to work there forever (assuming he's working while going to college, and hasn't been there for years)

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its really not that hard to push a car alone. i had to push my bronco out of an intersection when i was 9 months pregnant. of course someone offered to help AFTER i got it to the side of the road.

Well a lot of gas station attendants are nasty. I knew someone was gonna troll me for saying that though.

it's not really trolling if you're being a bitch. just a little conceited of you to not date someone just because of where they work.

Someone's dating a gas station attendant...

actually, used to be one. now I study physics and make 60 thousand a year three years after high school. just sayin, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Ooh you're a big shot 125. Nobody wants to date a gas station attendant. I understan the circumstances of maybe a part time college job, but that's rarely the case at a as station.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean nobody. That's not true. But I'm assuming OP has bigger plans.

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Who said she refused because he worked at a gas station? You don't have to say yes to everyone that asked you out.

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these kinds of comments irritate me. NOWHERE in the FML does it say OP rejected him because of where he works.

You're right 164. So let's learn some vocabulary. Let's learn the word, assumption.

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^^^freakin snob...that doesnt matter take a good look at urself....nobody wants to date a snob...,plus wat dick though I would of still helped

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totes karma! I mean... of course a girl should say yes to anyone who asks her out! NOT. though... its not part of his job to help someone who runs out of gas.

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that should be a FML if it already is then ok

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Karma for what? For not liking him? You can't just like anyone.

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yea, the gas station attendant should use this opportunity to show how much he wants her. and Ira not karma if someone is just being spiteful

come on now have you not learned ANYTHING from this website? The guy is smarter than that. He said no because even after helping her, she would still probably say no again just because she wanted to use him to get to the pump

71 I completely agree, if he really liked her he should still show it, maybe it improves his chances, maybe not. but she still sees him helping out someone who rejected him and she'll remember that, maybe tell her friends and get him brownie points with them

it's not the attendants responsibility because op was to stupid to get gas before she ran out. her stupid decisions do not constitute his job. ps. did I use constitute properly?

illmatic is an album by nas obvv lol i get a cookie!

No, it's not his job 117. She should've gotten gas earlier and monitored her gas closer.

68- Really? Then you're views on karma and what it means is completely off. IF she had said no, then proceeded to laugh and post on the internet that so and so just asked her out, then yes, karma could be in order. So you've never rejected a person before? OP didn't do anything wrong by rejecting him. This is more along the lines of "spite" And here's a tip: If you don't want to be lambasted on your vocabulary, at least fin out what a word mean before you start blurting it out.

lol at the girls saying he should show he likes her by helping. 1. Smart guys know a woman will manipulate feelings to get her way. 2. Since when did girls fall for the nice guy anyway? eff brownie points!

^Win^ I logged in just to comment on this one. Nice guys always seem to finish last. You can have all the brownie points in the world and when they are done being broken down by jerks they will come over to the nice guy who's standing in a pile of brownie points and ask him to carry their uhaul trailer of emotional baggage. I'm not bitter about it. Just pointing out life lessons. I accept my pile of brownie points [Put "forever alone" face here]

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If he was a gentleman, he would have helped her. But alas, chivalry is dead.

It's not dead, it's just sleeping...

It's not his job to help people push their cars or carry gas to their cars. It's his job to sell gas and other stuff.. Besides OP wasn't a customer since she wasn't buying anything

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Just because she turned him down she doesn't deserve help??

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Mods, can you please delete this comment. I didn't mean to comment twice.

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Ah,p-push it real good Your comment reminds me of Salt n Pepa!(:

someone has to steer while she pushes ! duhh

MizzErikaHart 8

open the driver door and push from there rather than from the back

no kidding. if you can't push a car 20 feet you're a weak little bitch.

iAmScrubs 19

Now comes the time to PUSH IT!

xk75 4

agreed! call the manager tomorrow to complain about the vindictive ass who refused to do his JOB!

82- It's not his job to push cars. Maybe OP should pay attention to her gas gauge.

91 but not being courteous, is being a dick. unless he was busy

iAmScrubs 19

Now comes the time to PUSH IT!

iAmScrubs 19

Now comes the time to PUSH IT!

iAmScrubs 19

Now comes the time to PUSH IT!

This site needs a "NOT AN FML" button

traze 7

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So if someone asks you out and you say no that makes you a bad person? I don't think so. OP wasn't interested in the guy, so she said no. I see nothing wrong with that.

traze 7

Karma does not means your a bad person and it was never mention OP is a bad person, so wtf is your point? Karma is cause and effect and her past action of saying no came back as an effect now, so yeah...

i love karma.... anyone else watch my name is earl???

what if the guy was really disgusting and sleazy and she was interrested in someone else? if he loved her and cared about her he would have helped but he didn't there is no such thing as karma

dont even try and say karma doesnt exsist.... ive seen her

no i see her all the time... that bitch hates me

my name is Earl is by far the most nauseating thing gracing basic cable.

127-Off subject but those bruin socks are awesome! I have the alternate blackhawks socks and alternate jersey. But I feel karma does exist, but i rated your comment up because everyone here is saying that this was karma. NO! Simple matter of a guy being a dick.

What are forgetting the jersey shore