By antwo - 22/01/2012 04:50 - United States

Today, a cute girl was walking towards me. She held up her hand for a high five, so I also did the same. I hadn't noticed her friend behind me, and was left hanging and embarrassed. FML
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Shit, I hate when that happens. You're not alone op.

Dude you should've came back to her and been like, 'Why'd you leave me hangin?' haha


Shit, I hate when that happens. You're not alone op.

Rule number 39: never give a brofive to some one that's not a bro. If you only followed the rules you wouldn't have embarrassed your self

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Fix your hair while your hand is up there so you dont look like a complete retard :D

xSonic 9

Or a tit shake? (Blades of glory anyone?)

I was once left hanging for hours...

You can always self-five if you really need to

Once I self-fived myself, my classmate walked up to me and said,"I would not want to be you when I grow up."

Op, at least she wasn't just blocking the sun from her eyes... That would have been more awkward.

That's when you go to the next random person

You might as well have just high fived her anyways


YDI for not high-fiving her anyways!

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Should've said "who's gay!" and quickly put your hand down. Lol.

Alright obviously the only thing that will fix this situation is by giving me money. You can trust me, it's not like I'm an addict or anything...

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It reminds me of my father when ever we walk around a mall and he notices a group of girls smiling at me he would make this farting noise as we passed by then jump up and be like wtf was that?!? While giving me a dirty look we laugh about it after tho.

Hey 87 I was reading your comment in my head sounding like the professor

And the irony of working at staples and getting stapled.. Haha that's funny

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111- Wrong FML?

I thought i was the only one

Doc bastard help me I have a penis were my ****** should be!!!!!

Seek help elsewhere. But since your on fml, write an fml about it.

Wait never mind forgot I was a dude

Dude you should've came back to her and been like, 'Why'd you leave me hangin?' haha

That's happened to me before. Awkward :$

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Ah fail!

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shoulda just saw the next person youu knew and went for a high five from them ! no shame (:

Just high 5 yourself. It's the way to go :D

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It's just like liking your own Facebook status!

#6.. my thoughts exactly :)

Why would liking your own Facebook status change anything? It's not like your self-esteem is based on the amount of likes on your status

I like my own status because I'll read it later and agree with the statement.

haha I love this. I would totally slap my own hand. :)

No, YOU are suppose to be behind the friend. Now you have a set up for a kinky threesome.

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Did you learn that watching your pornos?

I believe he's referring to the "Eiffel tower" position.

91-Never heard of it.

We all know what his fantasy is..

What the **** is wrong withur profile...

Pretty sure that's happened to almost everyone.

Yep! You know that other embarrassing moment when someone looks at you and says "Hey!" very enthusiastically and you reply just as enthusiastically back, only to realize it was someone next to/behind you? Yea, that literally happened to me yesterday. Makes me feel like a dork! LOL

20-I remember a time when a cool kid at my school said hi to me. I was going to give him a fist-bump, but turns out he was talking on the phone. It was an exceptionally awkward moment, but we laughed about it later. I feel bad for OP, but I hope he gets the high-five later.

Brightside: Well, at least you and the "cool kid" (labels are so ridiculous to me now) eventually laughed it off! Mine was a total stranger! :)

I've seen my friend's boyfriend end up awkwardly fixing his hair after waving and failing to get her attention. And on another occasion, this same friend was making hand movements similar to waving. A random guy returned the "wave". My friend sure brings out the awkward penguin in everyone.

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wow, high five your face!

Some random girl? In public? Idk... Id have to say ydi

11-How did OP deserve it? He thought he saw a cute girl giving him a high-five. How would you have responded in that situation. I know I would've done the same thing as OP to be polite.

Thats why im a little iffy.. Its completly situational i guess; who was looking where, who was walking where etc And i never had a stranger high five me. Aquantances yes, strangers no.

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Why would you high five a girl? If a girl talks to me she gets a hug or a kiss on the cheek. I never would high five a hot girl

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100- This must be why no girls talk to you

100-she was the one that held up her hand for the high five

This girl.. A complete stranger gave me a hug once. I was like 14 and she was like 19. I tried to get her number lol unfortunately she wasn't into 14 yr old kids.