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  juicedboi  |  7

This is where you pretend to have never met her before and once that inevitably fails. Ask for a fresh start and if you could make it upto her with dinner. But your a douche either way so hopefully she just tells everyone in the workplace that you forgot your Viagra.

  imacreeper  |  3

"remember me?"
"pardon me?"
"I'm the girl you stood up last weekend..!"
"EXCUSE ME but I think you had me confused with my twin brother because I am a happily married man with 2 children. now...GOOD DAY."

  Angi95  |  3

God I love irony. I really hope she tells everyone in the office that you have a tiny egg roll. That when she saw it she didn't even laugh she just felt sad for him and the went on to say that she would tell everybody that he stood her up to make him feel better. Also go die.

By  ILoveEggnog  |  7

Sounds like the start of a bad porn. Do you need to be "trained" OP?