By Wowthanks - 05/05/2014 00:13 - United States - Greeley

Today, I asked the girl I like if she had her eye on anyone, subtly hinting that I wanted to date her. I sat there while she confessed her love for her cousin. FML
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now you know don't hint, be straight forward.

If there is one thing FML has taught me over the years, it's that any sentence involving any variation of the words "subtle" and "hint" will end terribly and possibly sickeningly.


now you know don't hint, be straight forward.

Agreed, subtlety is a fine art best left to professionals like doc bastard or welshite. The rest of us are best served being up front like a preacher's wife at a service.

What the hell >.>

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Yeah.. Incest is some pretty freaky deaky shit

While cousin marriage is legal or even encouraged depending on where you live, I've always considered it to be like marrying a brother or a sister :( incest is indeed some freaky shit

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I love how quickly "Mean Girls" was quoted. That is something so awesome, likes don't do it justice.

#17 and #29 you know it can be cousin through marriage which is not incest. but the family that plays together stays together

#48 they were quoting/referencing the film, 'Mean Girls'. Make sure you're correct before correcting others

81, they weren't even referring to the people who made mean girls references. Make sure you're correct before correcting others.

And time to walk away

Well one positive note is that she was comfortable enough with him to tell him that

Seriously. I think op dodged a major bullet

If there is one thing FML has taught me over the years, it's that any sentence involving any variation of the words "subtle" and "hint" will end terribly and possibly sickeningly.

Lol you should be happy she didn't like you then

Good point, actually. OP can spend the money he would have used on psychiatrists and divorce lawyers to buy something nice that hopefully won't screw its relatives.

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that is so wrong….. if they get together, that would result in a deformed baby, (so I heard)

14: Relations between cousins are illegal mainly out of tradition and ethics, partly because they have an increased chance of genetic problems. In simple terms, every human has a couple of "bad genes" he would pass on through procreation. If both partners are non related at all, then they are likely to have very few shared bad genes, which would allow their combined DNA to fix most of each other's weaknesses. Relatives, however, share a lot more of these genetic aspects, bad genes included. That's why their children are far more likely to have those problems carried over into their DNA. That still doesn't mean that they'd be "deformed", however. Deformation is an extremely rare occurence, even within incestuous relations between parents and their children, siblings or what-have-you. Most of the time, if a problem does come up, it's "just" that the kids would end up mentally challenged, autistic, perhaps having Down Syndrome. Physical deformations are very unlikely. PS: My explanation above is supposed to be a rough way of creating an understanding for why incestual relations are unfavorable. The biology behind it is vastly more complex and changes a lot of it, but for the random citizen I believe my explanation should be sufficient. Just don't go and tell it to your anthropology friends and professors. ^-^'

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#21. thank you for taking the time to share and explain this information :)

#21 thank you. That would explain the Gaunt Family.

Actually, there are states in which it is legal to marry your cousin--and provided the cousins are of opposite genders, the marriage will be recognized in all 50 states. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were distant cousins (she didn't have to change her last name when she married, in fact). As for you, OP, why didn't you just ask her out instead of beating around the bush?

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As long as you're not first cousins, most states have no problem with marital relations

That explains the Lanister's boy.

Matrix! Damn, I suddenly feel old. Get off my lawn!

I think that was her way of saying she wasn't interested in you.

I can't help but wonder if she knows op is into her and where this conversation was going, and used the cousin thing merely as a way to scare him and get him to back off?

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I was thinking the same thing 52. Women will say just about anything to scare off an unwanted pursuer.

if this is the case, then this is just another reason why guys are better than girls. We mean what we say and we are upfront and honest.

Because guys never lie, cheat, or beat around the bush.

Exactly my thoughts.

74-girls do it more so than guys. you know its true.

I am home, sugar ****.

If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family.

family first! ... hurgh