By Anonymous - Australia


Today, while shopping with my sister, she asked me to wait for her while she quickly said hello to a friend. I sat on a bench for an hour before I realised she wasn't coming back. Turns out, "Hello" had turned into a date. FML
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By  mattzawesome  |  28

My family ditches me all the time in shopping malls, stores, pools anywhere really... Just find something to do. Not really an FML, except for the waste of your time.

  Patriots21  |  14

Well the comments suck, and have sucked recently. I miss the days when people had clever comments and funny ones vs all this "sorry OP" or "that sucks lol" comments.

  littlekellilee  |  45

I'd be happy for my sister getting a date! I totally agree, the bond of siblings is like no other. My brother is my best friend, I'm the best woman in his wedding, and I'd have been thrilled for him!