By arsenic660 - 30/07/2009 03:17 - United States

Today, I went into my part-time job at a drugstore. We always have one item we try and sell to every customer. For the next week I have to ask every person if they would like to try my nuts. FML
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kellster 2

Ah, retail. The other prostitution.

effthis 0

i would like to try your nuts.....


kellster 2

Ah, retail. The other prostitution.

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YDI for having tiny nuts. FIRST COMMENT!

screams906 0

Yes, yes... when I always see a stand like that I just eat everything, free food right

ReasonsToFly 0

you=win OP- thats funny, come in guys youll love my nuts

FYI everyone, the store in question is CVS. We had three types of nuts, Chocolate Covered Nuts, Salted Nuts and Mixed Deluxe. They're 99 cents. Here's the kicker though... If you have a cvs card, you can scan it on one of those price checker scanners, and it'll generate a coupon that says "buy 2 gold emblem nuts, get $2 off". Generally this is for general $2 nuts (so you get 2 bags o nuts for $2); but you can get these special sized bags of nuts for free. But yeah, I did have a customer who laughed (it was funnier because she seemed like she was a mature 30 year old) when I said, "would you be interested in getting two of these nuts for free?" (I was gesturing at the bag o nuts).


um, this is totally not an FML. this could be an amazing chance to say some horrible sounding things to customers without getting into trouble., and, 32, A you suck at life, B you didnt even have the first response to the first comment, and your life is an utter failure, and C blink 182 most definitely does NOT rock. whining is not rocking, you emo ****. go die in a fire. but, mostly, OP, just pray that you get some really offensively beautiful customers coming in you you can be like, 'oh by the way, i have a bag of nuts with your name on it', or something like that.

XScarlet 4

#103 FTW! I would totally have a blast trying to sell "my nuts"! Come up with a pitch that will make the customers laugh. I always appreciate it when it seems like a person is enjoying their job with customer interaction. It will make your day go by a little faster. Reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Brian is selling his "smoked meat log" at the mall. LMAO!

I don't see why your complaining that would be fun

do you want to see my cotton paantiiess?? -south park reference-

Hahaha! I'm sorry but this is hilarious!

Jman21 0

Well would you like to try some????

THATS THE BEST JOB EVER HAHAHAHAHA What if you picked up a chick on that line? you should be happy. mix it up and say stuff like "hey baby wanna try my salty ol' nuts?"

How about some chocolate salty balls? ...I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

zip123 0

In the words of Brian Griffin: "Would you like to try my smoked meat log?"

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Lol I love that =D go family guy, I believe Brian got punched in the face for that

not really. all you have to say is: would you like to try the nuts.

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ahaha i'd love to be one of your customers just to give you awkward questions;; "are your nuts salted or unsalted?" "how large are your nuts?" "do your nuts come in an assorted package?" xD