By itsdezzz - United States - Hatfield

Chill the fuck out, Todd

Today, I noticed a customer looking for expired products in hopes of receiving a coupon from my store. I told them to let me know if they found anything. They promptly began following me around, telling me how to do my job, only to later file a complaint saying that I was harassing them. FML
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By  CheekyRaccoon  |  27

What did the customer say to the manager? Hi I'd like to file a complaint about Itsdezzz, they can't do their job. So I had to follow Itsdezz around and tell them how they should do their job, even though they seem to know what they're doing.

By  myshinynose  |  11

I used to work in the bakery department of a store (my title was cake decorator but I did everything else as well) and we would get people who would drop the cakes we made on purpose. Or they would give the container a little shake, just enough to smudge the icing or destroy the decorations we put on them. Then they had the fucking gall to ask for a discount.

We weren't allowed to give discounts unless the product was on its last few days on the shelf so we would check the date and just be like, "Sorry, it's still fresh so we can't discount it. But if you like, we can find you one that isn't smudged, or make you a new one." Lots of very angry reactions to that >:)

One other thing they did was try to peel off the discount stickers of other items and put them on fresher products. Like, "Buddy, the edges are curled and torn. We're not stupid."