By penguindude82 / Sunday 6 May 2012 07:38 / United States - Dallas
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  madelinebriana  |  11

39 - when I said "the news/weather channel don't" I meant "the news and weather channel don't". But technically if you interpreted the slash mark a different way you'd be correct

By  EyeCeYu  |  7

Thunderstorms can be unpredictable but you should have atleast covered the stuff with sometime before night. The morning dew wouldn't have been good for it anyways.

  JSwerv3  |  6

If that was true, the FML would have said

"Today, I had a huge yard sale. Since I live in a good neighborhood, I decided to leave the stuff out tonight rather than pack it all in for only a few hours. The news didn't say anything about the impending severe thunderstorm, I needed the money to avoid foreclosure. FML"

Common sense bro!

  JSwerv3  |  6

Doesn't matter if it would have sounded boring or not, if it actually happened he would have put it in there anyway, adding that detail would have contributed to the whole FML effect.

And quite frankly, the foreclosure thing would have been the icing on the cake, I'm sure if he ran of out room he would have figured out a way to squeeze it in there.

Use your brain next time please

  JSwerv3  |  6

I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to be upset, I'm saying he doesnt get the right to say "fuck my life" (meanwhile in Uganda, children are being forced to murder their parents) just because some of the things he was trying to sell got wet.... and I'm
sure a majority of the items aren't permanently damaged anyway, it's just a thunder storm, not hurricane Katrina.