By Anonymous - Norway - Ytre Arna
Today, I got on the bus. Before I could make it to a free seat, the driver hit the gas, and the sudden movement caused me to stumble and accidentally grab onto another passenger for support. She didn't appreciate this, accused me of molesting her, and got me thrown back off. FML
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  MatteKudasai  |  17

#20- Why? Really, there is no need to insult her in such a way for a misunderstanding. I mean, sure she inconvenienced OP, but is it really necessary to make someone feel like shit for something so petty. There's not really any satisfaction in that for anyone I don't think.

  Rectov  |  10

Grabbing onto someone when you fall and then thinking you're trying to molest them is a misunderstanding? Hmm. I agree that was a bit much though

  golden_warrior  |  23

21 - actually it will. I know #4 was joking, but if OP put her hands on that person to drag her out the bus then it is considered an assault. She can sue for that and OP will be facing criminal charges as well.

By  vewwe  |  20

Once when my sister was gonna get off the bus she stood up to early and fell when the bus stopped. Luckily she landed with her face on the private parts of a guy sitting in front of her. I am saying luckily because compared to OP's case, this guy actually liked it.

By  psycheiris13  |  20

I'm sorry OP, it's not your fault. Some women are so in fear of men that they think they're all out to get women. And some bus drivers do not consider the fact that they're operating a moving vehicle and only care about their schedule.

  murdersquirrel  |  15

this is close to what I was thinking. basically, we don't know what real, legitimate experiences strangers have had. she may very well have been victimized at some point in her life and is now hypervigilant about being touched and startle easily. especially by men. it sucks for OP but we all have some weird shit about us that sometimes affects other people. it's a consequence of being human and leaving your house.

  speckledots  |  29

The times between buses is a while. People depend on buses for transport to school, appointments, work. You run the risk/possibility of being late by waiting for the next bus to come.