By Elmoo - 01/06/2012 01:20 - Netherlands

Today, I was at work when a customer, who was going to pay for her groceries, started sorting through her money. She put some coins in her mouth, seemed to suck on them for a while, and then gave them to me. FML
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Those coins have been far worse places, trust me. As a cashier myself, I just go with the assumption that all the money is absolutely disgusting, so just don't touch your face and wash your hands after your shift

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Talk about weird habits...

I think it's more of an FML for the customer...

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OP should probably lick the receipt to return the favor

did you give her a change? you should've licked it and gave it to her

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I would rather lick the receipt

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18- don't you mean 'flavor'?

You'd think they'd taste bad considering they're metal... and considering tons of grimy hands have touched them (as well as many other less savory things...).

That has happened to me too!! Anyone who works in retail needs a gun

Most if the coins and cash in your pocket have been on the floor of public toilets, in strippers crotches, rolled up and stuck up a hundred nostrils, and pawed by ten thousand grubby mucus soaked fingers. Eww.

lol. so true. a lady i had once licked two one dollar bills and put them in her purse. frickin disgusting

Those coins have been far worse places, trust me. As a cashier myself, I just go with the assumption that all the money is absolutely disgusting, so just don't touch your face and wash your hands after your shift

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Wash your hands after your shift? Ever heard of hand sanitizer? Keep it at the register and use it regularly. Op I suggest you find someone who has it, use it immediately, then buy some on your next break, or after work.

Huh? What's sanitizer? I've obviously heard of sanitizer :p but I don't trust it to clean my hands good enough to touch my face, probably just me, but I don't :p

i found out sanitizer is almost pointless. it doesn't make the dirt disappear, and not all bacteria die.

16- Don't forget, as I mentioned below, hand sanitizer comes in some of the best smelling fragrances. We have frosted cupcake, caramel apple, mango, and a few others at my workplace. I look like I'm a nutcase sometimes because I'm sniffing my hands for the rest of the day, but at that point I don't care as long as I get my fix.

Hand sanitizer actually does kill all the bacteria, it just doesn't go anywhere. So, you're left with dead germs on your hands. Unlike soap that kills it and water that washes it all away. :)

2- do you realize that just about in every comment you write you mention that you're a cashier? So every time I read one of your posts it triggers my brain and that is the only reason I recognize and remember you... I mean, it's great that you are proud of your job and all, just pointing it out, that you repeat it way to much.

31- Here on FML we encourage people to reference their job if it relates to the FML. That's why nearly everyone on here loves DocBastard.

I'm sort of new to FML, well read them for some time, just recently got an account... Sooo thanks for the heads up, I'll remember that one ;) haha. My appologies?

36- Mmhm, just remember there are so many overused jokes on here that references to one's personal life are like a breath of fresh air as long as it makes sense.

Google hand Sanitizer it does not kill ALL bacteria

It does if you light it on fire first. *DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME*

51- make sure you have a pool of sanitizer in your hands then light it on fire and throw it, it's quite fun.

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hate to break it to everyone, but washing your hands with soap and water doesn't kill all of the bacteria either

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Did you know people are using hand sanitizer as a mew drug, they drink it O.o

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Hahah I'm not proud of my job, it just gets me extra money while I'm in college :p I've only been referencing it because it pertained to the FMLs :P

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I once found Hand Sanitiser that smelt like Bacon.

Oooh, where 104, what's it called?.. I WANT some!

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It kills most of the bacteria. But if you wash your hands too much, it can kill the good bacteria which helps your immune system fight off bad germs.. So pretty much, washing your hands is good, but to a certain extent. I don't trust hand sanitizer haha i just don't feel fully clean when I use it. :)

People are drinking mew ?? time to get new two out and save the world

Were they those chocolate coins you get on St. Patricks Day?

I don't think they are legal tender, so probably not.

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As a certified Leprechaun, I take offense to your statement that Chocolate gold coins are not legal tender. If that's the case, care to explain how I purchased my beach-rainbow (with a bonus room holding a pot of gold) in the Bahamas?!

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Change is coming my friends, and it looks nasty

That would just give me an excuse to put more of the assortment of awesome smelling hand sanitizers around our registers on my hands again.

This is one of many reason I don't want to work with the public. But on the bright side that customer will get sick. Coins have many, many germs on them. And they went into her mouth. Haha.

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Hmmm I'm guessing by a couple of your posts you work at bath and body works? :)

That lady is going to end up sick, and probably you too if you didn't wash your hands.

She was only cleaning them for op. With her saliva...

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Or maybe she realized she needed more iron in her diet

Well now i dont want to touch change anymore.

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Maybe she has pica. But still ewwww

It could've been so much worse. I've seen women pull it of their bra socks and even hair! Suck it up or get out of retail

The inside of your mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of the body.

You say that but you've never been handed a 20 that's been tucked into some over weight lady's breast.

But what if I'm a male stripper #30?

This lady pulled money out of her bra and it was all damp from her sweating. I considered paying for it myself so I would not have to touch her money. So gross.

Then you would know there are alot dirtier places than the mouth

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Your mouth is much dirtier than the exterior skin of your body. At least she didn't pull it out o her pants and brush off a small glob of menstrual goo. Just saying, that would be much worse than a bra. Women do that, just like men like to think their wife, fiance or girlfriend is going to make them a sandwich. So suck it up, or get out of retail.

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I work in retail and that's disgusting, no need to make snotty comments because you're miserable.

So did I for 4 years to pay for school. I'm not above retail just saying what I've seen!