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Today, was my grandmother's funeral and we had to sing. My dad is a horrible singer, and I tried my hardest not to laugh, I turned red faced and tears were falling from my eyes. My step mother held my hand and said that she was in a better place. I couldn't hold it any longer. I laughed my ass off. FML
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dedeedeee tells us more.

Hi everyone, person who wrote the FML here. There seems to be some sort of confusion going on around here, I didn't laugh because my stepmother said that my grandmother was in a better place, It was just the wrong thing to burst out laughing to...not that the funeral helped at all. And thanks to those who made nice comments and stupid ones. It made my day a little bit better 8D

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When I get nervous, I sometimes get uncontrollable laughter for seemingly mundane stuff too.

I'd like to think that she was watching from beyond and laughing right along with you. : )


#37 EPIC win Also YDI for living in Canadia


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#37 is amazing. But tbh, I would've done the same :P

sorry waht did 37 say?? someone took it off

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1, what did 37 say and 2, I love how you just put I laughed my ass off at the end. that made me laugh :) x

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Hahaha, #37, you're priceless. You win this thread

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WHAT THE CRAP DID #37 SAY???????? D:

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uh 121, how can you see the comment anyway? what did 37 even say anyway?????????????

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;_____; what did 37 say????? 

Wow that sucks. Sorry bout your grandmother. FYL for having to struggle to hold in laughter and burst out

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F his life? I thought this was pretty insensitve. I'd be DEVASTATED if my grandmother died, but even if it wasn't someone I was as close to, I think I could keep myself from laughing and offending everyone else.

Because GOD FORBID people get offended! My grandfather died about 2 years ago. I was devastated, I cried throughout the days between his death and his funeral, and I cried throughout the memorial service the day before the funeral. But at the funeral, once the priest started throwing the holy water onto the casket, I couldn't help but laugh. I don't think that makes me an insensitive person. Sometimes when you've been crying for days, you need a laugh, even if it is at an inappropriate time.

same happened to me. my grangran was in a nursing home out in Minnesota. I was in cali. we flew out there, drove from Wisconsin to the nursing home, arrived in the lobby and met with our cousins. gran was in critical condition but we hadn't said a word since we arrived so as we walked toward her room I just cracked up. when we got to ger room she died. my mom and aunt got pissed at me for it but those damn awwwkward silences always get me.

When I get nervous, I sometimes get uncontrollable laughter for seemingly mundane stuff too.

Actually, I have... Well, I suppose I couldn't tell if my face was red, but I distinctly remember choking. I'm not going to say YDI because, as a person fairly easily amused, I know sometimes... sometimes you just HAVE to laugh. Besides, laughter is a very good thing when grieving; it helps you get over the grief. Being able to enjoy yourself in light of grim news is a sign of moving on. People need to lighten up, and just ******* laugh. Shit's funny, get used to it. It's like repressing your sex drive.

Wasn't this posted before? Did this person submit it twice without even checking if it made the site? seriously guys look at some of the later pages

no actually this was different , a man had lhao after his bro had shouted this is a dead zone

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I can't vote. Lol. I don't think your life sucks because of it and I don't think you deserved it. I actually don't see this being an FML.

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its more of an fml then all of those girls complaining about their boyfriend telling them there fat

I'd like to think that she was watching from beyond and laughing right along with you. : )

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laughter is not 100% controllable as long as the op wasent laughing at the deceased i doubt anyone cared

Believe me, people cared. At my grandmother's funeral, someone started coughing and the rabbi just stared them down until they stopped. Laughing was not an option.

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i know what this was like.....except that i remember the fat kid i was laughing at was on stage in front of few hundreds of people.........but a funeral is cool too! ^_^

Laughter is jut caused by the tension and such. I remember having a very good laugh with my brother and cousin on my grandmother's funeral. It's not like we wanted to or were having a blast, it's just a way to release tension, although I can understand people think it's odd (which it is :p).