Let me speak to the manager

By Anonymous - 18/06/2013 00:27 - United States - San Jose

Today, I started my new job as a cashier for a drugstore. As I scanned some children's medicine for a family, I gave the girl a tissue because her nose was running. Later, my boss sat me down and told me there had been a complaint about a "female pedo-employee." I'm the only woman working there. FML
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Welcome to modern society where kindness is frowned upon.

shadowedpixie 19

What the hell happened to the world??


Welcome to modern society where kindness is frowned upon.

Pwn17 25

No kidding. This is what society has come to. I really hate people sometimes.

Everyone is a pedo in today's society it's ridiculous.

Life_sucks_13 6

#38 True, yet most of the real ones still get away with it...

You did the right thing helping the kid out :)

shadowedpixie 19

What the hell happened to the world??

I know right? Is everyone just broken

Apparently the only thing stupid people know how to do is breed

DyslexicPanda 12

I see what you did there, 28. Assuming you were actually referencing politics

Wizardo 33

Media and society have blown this kind of thing way out of proportion and the idiots that just assume everyone is a peadophile are just as bad, I blame a lack of education, common sense and social etiquette. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about this kind of crap, people really need to think before accuse someone...

Firstly common sense is so rare that it is damn near a super power, and secondly thinking requires effort which most people now a days do not want to exert, and lastly with the way news and media is now available 24 hours a day tv stations think that they needed to put those kind of stories out there or people will get their news elsewhere.

' You don't need candy and white vans any more, just a tissue will do the trick '

dbaliki918 6

And a dash of chloroform'll do the trick

Of for the love of God! What the hell is going on in people's heads these days? Is the term, 'No good deed goes unpunished' actually coming true? So depressing.

It was the feminine guy with long hair making passes at young boys, not you!

What if there was some crazy lady who really was a pedo, and a customer mistook them as an employer?

I hope that doesn't put you down for being nice to people, keep doing what you're doing (:

Really? Some parents take it too far. A lot of these "cry wolf" parents don't pay attention to their kids, but the moment they get a chance to accuse someone of hurting their precious Timmy, they make the stupidest assumptions.