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By nutfreak - 12/08/2013 15:24 - United States - Lutherville Timonium

Today, I was diagnosed with severe nut allergies. My dad decided to buy jars of Nutella, write "You know you want this" on them, and stick them around the house. FML
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To be at the top of the comment chain. For some people that matters more than having a reply that is actually replying to something.

OP put up pictures of expensive things he can't afford around the house saying "you know you want this!"

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Just like the guy under you. They're everywhere!

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I agree, nut allergy or not, you can't resist Nutella

#1 if you're so butthurt about people trying to comment under you, don't try to comment first then. And isn't it kinda ironic how you're bitching about pointless shit when your bio has a KIK username in it? You're asking for just as much attention as the people you're calling out asshole

I think her dad is Satan. Who else would do such evil deeds?! D':

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First off, it's a he. Secondly, it's a joke. And finally, Nutella is overrated.

Agreed. I don't really like Nutella. I don't see what all the hype is.

I'm going to speak for the general public here when I say Nutella is one of the most amazing things ever invented, and that you have no right to say otherwise. Also OP, you know the only way to solve this is to fight fire with fire :D

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Agree with #120. Perhaps get some **** and write the same message. Or better, invite a stripper home, have her strip in front of him, then, as he sees her walk into your room, make sure he sees the same message written on her back :)

As someone with food allergies, you learn to NOT want a certain food. Besides, you surely must have been suffering the effects of your allergy for a long time before your diagnosis. You would have been avoiding the nuts already.

That's not necessarily true. Not everyone is born with the allergy. I used to eat nuts often and enjoyed them. One day, while driving into the city, I was eating nuts and felt my tongue swell a bit and realized I was allergic to nuts. But as I said before, I used to like nuts a lot before I found I was allergic to them.

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Not everyone is born with allergies. They can just happen to appear if they haven't had a problem with it before.

I've also had allergies since I was born. But they change, there are some things that I was allergic to but now am not. And vice versa.

You don't just waltz into the allergist's office and immediately decide you are allergic to something. If you go, you obviously realize something is affecting you. That is what I am saying

I have nut allergies too and I've had them for as long as I can remember, but I don't think everyone is the same way. I'll never know how delicious Nutella is :(

I never liked the taste of nuts, and I accidently ate one and was rushed to the ER. Your body can deny you liking something for your own protection, almost like a sixth sense.

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I have to disagree with #2. I'm allergic to cheese and I crave it every day

I would just like to agree to the first part of this comment, because at the age of around 12-13 I was diagnosed with severe cat allergies (I had never had problems with cats before) and over the last few years I have developed a kind of wariness of cats, which has lead to an unvoluntary dislike of them. I still like them deep down, but whenever I see the one the warning part of my brain kicks in and I know that I absolutely do not want to be near it.

sometimes I think this whole website is just a contest to see who can make the worst pun.

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I thought it was good^ relax. Lol. Don't be such a Debbie downer. It did get up votes.

I agree with #29. I thought it was humorous.

#23 What's wrong about that? The comments are often funny!

29- I liked the pun! bad puns are the best kind

/cri this website is just people making puns

So good it's worth a trip to the hospital.

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#50 you, good sir, have clearly never experienced the lustrous joys Nutella.

I love guinea pigs but if i had to choose between not petting one and petting one ( ending with me being hospitalized for several hours for an asthma attack) i would probably choose not petting one. You good sir have never had the luxurious experience of turning into a human having a great struggle to breathe.

You, my dear lady, are clearly very bad at recognizing jokes.

Wow. What a dick. Remind him that he could become allergic to it at any time as well (or according to my allergy doctor at least) from eating it often.

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According to that logic, half of the Internet should be deathly allergic to Nutella by now...

I don't care if I become allergic to bacon. Nothing is going to stop me from enjoying bacon wrapped grilled shrimp.

@36: Your throat swelling shut and the respiratory and circulatory collapse of anaphylaxis just might. Also, eating a lot of a food doesn't predispose you to an allergy. Most people discover an allergy simply by being exposed to something once too often, whether it's the second or thousandth time.

I'm going to start with saying this guy is honestly right. I'm 18 and just 2 years ago I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and I had been tested before for allergies when I was only 8 and was completely clean. I somehow developed it I guess.

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If you haven't already discovered it--Lactaid pills. It's my personal Jesus.

I hate it wen people with allergies are on their high horse about it. Really, calm your ****. (Not directed at OP, obviously. I think its really shitty you cant eat nutella anymore)

That's nut cool. He should be more sympathetic.

Not even close to being funny. Good try, though.

#35 your comment wasn't exactly hilarious either you pathetic waste of oxygen.

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My ex girlfriend had a severe nut allergy as well.. And that's exactly why she's my ex girlfriend now.

Can't tell is 71 was making a sexual reference or he is actually serious.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

It was most definitely a sexual reference.. I tried making a joke. Haha, oh well.

That's horrible, OP. Hopefully he will remove them and realize that his joke was cruel, and not funny.

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That's so mean! Sorry OP! Look at the bright side, you can't get fat from Nutella!

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Not like it would matter, since he can't eat it anyway....

51 you missed the point...Nutella WILL make you fat if you eat a lot of it. Therefore, not being able to eat it the OP is safe from becoming fat from it.

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What a troll. Just throw them out. What a waste of money and he's a dick.