By johnnydoe6969 - United States
  Today, I went camping and shared a tent with this girl I have been sleeping with here and there for a year. To impress her, I popped a certain male enhancement supplement. Thirty minutes later I found out she was on her period. What a long night. FML
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If she's up for it, sure, why not, go ahead. I've known women who've gotten super-horny on their periods and I've been happy to oblige.
OP, if it's because she feels gross during menstruation and can't enjoy being physical, FYL.
If you won't go near her during her period "because it's gross," YDI.

  DjeePee  |  24

I have no experience with FWB's or fuckbuddies, but maybe it's harder (lol) to have sex with a girl who's on her period if you don't love her. Isn't sex without love more about the ultimate pleasure of sex instead of making little sacrifices?

'BONUS: 0% chance of getting her pregnant.'

Wtf are you sayin', bro? The world is full of kids created whilst the woman was on her period, thas method is not flawless.

  guckylynn  |  19

77, if you think there's a 0% chance of getting someone pregnant when they're on their period, you might wanna call your past hookups and see if you have any children anywhere.

  niswisk  |  3

I agree with you. A real man wouldnt care. For god sake its an excuse not to lick it but never an excuse not to have sex. Its just means second round in the shower after lol

  KayleeXLoVe21  |  0

My boyfriend and i have done it before while i was on my period. We have been together over a year and he didnt mind one bit... We just took a shower afterwards like you said(:

  Rachmini  |  10

People are gonna hate for this but your 15!!! Wtf are you doing having sex!?!? This is pathetic... Sorry but people can say whatever they want but it's really revolting.


No I agree. I've had sex while on my period no issue. Honestly it's not as bloody as people think. Sex can actually stop your period temporarily. To the idiot who said sex during period means no chance of pregnancy though... While less likely a woman can get pregnant ANY day of her cycle because ovulation can occur late or early, so it's never a garuntee.

  psycho9631  |  1

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