By johnnydoe6969 - 20/11/2011 23:51 - United States

Today, I went camping and shared a tent with this girl I have been sleeping with here and there for a year. To impress her, I popped a certain male enhancement supplement. Thirty minutes later I found out she was on her period. What a long night. FML
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Well, that'd be depressing if it was a "short" night.

Mr_Matsubayashi 7

"To impress her, I popped a certain male enhancement supplement" Cause nothing impresses a lady like showing them you need help to get it up.


Why waste that #1 spot with this pitty...

And the award for performing the most cockblocks since....the history of time goes to......PERIODS.

Camping trip: $500 Male enhancement supplement: $20 Finding out she's on her period: FUCKING PRICELESS

Well OP, when the river runs red, take the dirt road.

41- Hopefully her name is Priceless. ._.

^Lol. So op wouldn't be ******* priceless.

#41 Holy Fff, since when does camping cost $500? O.e We do ours every weekend for ~$40, and most of that is on the booze.

Holy ffff. When did a period stop sex?

cyns0_oaSailor 0

76, since not every man is that desperate. Not every guy feels that life is about sex.

guckylynn 19

83, sex is much more pleasurable for a woman when she is on her period.

arlekin21 0

Bj week?

76- watch and be amazed. Se.

83, just bc ppl have sex when the girl is on her period doesn't mean the guy is sex crazed some people actually LIKE it and MUTUALLY agree and want it...

sammy92 0

.. I usually want it more when I'm on mine

falloutboylove7 0

haha wow that sucks!!!

No shit it sucks. Why do you think it's on FML?

caraisbeast 0

it was the only thing that sucked that night too(x

Well, that'd be depressing if it was a "short" night.

Just wondering, Why did it take you 30 mins to get it up?

Google is an amazing thing..

#43 it was 30 minutes before he found out she was on her period, not 30 minutes to get a boner.

KittyJay 3

I don't see a reason not to still have sex while on your period. If you men can walk through mud, you can f**k through blood... Case closed.

STP907 8

#168 You seem to forget that walking and ******* are 2 completely different things......

Horcruxer 0

Pussy is only pussy and I get it when I need it not on periods

scruffy_janitor5 1

Watch out for bears

not to worry OP has wood to fight bears off.

? The bear had a big pussy ?

Am I the only one who thinks having your period is not a reason to not have sex? Well maybe when camping.

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There's a reason camping is occasionally called "roughing it".

If she's up for it, sure, why not, go ahead. I've known women who've gotten super-horny on their periods and I've been happy to oblige. OP, if it's because she feels gross during menstruation and can't enjoy being physical, FYL. If you won't go near her during her period "because it's gross," YDI.

No, but anal is hygienic :S What is people's logic?

Lay a towel down. Problem solved. BONUS: 0% chance of getting her pregnant. If you were more steady I'd even say condom optional.

I have no experience with FWB's or fuckbuddies, but maybe it's harder (lol) to have sex with a girl who's on her period if you don't love her. Isn't sex without love more about the ultimate pleasure of sex instead of making little sacrifices? 'BONUS: 0% chance of getting her pregnant.' Wtf are you sayin', bro? The world is full of kids created whilst the woman was on her period, thas method is not flawless.

guckylynn 19

77, if you think there's a 0% chance of getting someone pregnant when they're on their period, you might wanna call your past hookups and see if you have any children anywhere.

77- Sperm lives up to five days after sex. There's still a pretty big chance of pregnancy.

If you can walk through mud you can **** through blood

autumnleighf 0

77, this guy, right here.

niswisk 3

I agree with you. A real man wouldnt care. For god sake its an excuse not to lick it but never an excuse not to have sex. Its just means second round in the shower after lol

lolthatscute 0

you dumbf*ck i really hope that was sarcasm because if not, f Y l.

KayleeXLoVe21 0

My boyfriend and i have done it before while i was on my period. We have been together over a year and he didnt mind one bit... We just took a shower afterwards like you said(:

Rachmini 10

People are gonna hate for this but your 15!!! Wtf are you doing having sex!?!? This is pathetic... Sorry but people can say whatever they want but it's really revolting.

Sex on your period is quite messy. I can't imagine doing it while camping. Hell, I can't imagine going camping while on my period, never mind the sex.

MerrikBarbarian 9

No I agree. I've had sex while on my period no issue. Honestly it's not as bloody as people think. Sex can actually stop your period temporarily. To the idiot who said sex during period means no chance of pregnancy though... While less likely a woman can get pregnant ANY day of her cycle because ovulation can occur late or early, so it's never a garuntee.

Horcruxer 0

I get laid so much I don't need or desire to do it on the period shii

xojessayox 4

#205- cool story, breh.

Not 0% sperm can live in the ****** for 4 days and still get her preggo

nlm92 15

That never stopped me! To hell with hygiene, just take a shower or swim after!

Well that's a nut slap right there

gavinkid 0

Youre hot

Probably should have talked that over before assuming she was going to sleep with you.. You know what assuming does!

rusrsbrah 0

Assumptions never give me raging boners......

To assume makes an ass out of u and me :)

shake that bear

palahniukpaul 6

I bet you had a boner of a time :D

.. You need help.

What a terribly stupid comment dude. I agree u need help

autumnleighf 0

That wasn't even a pun... :(

p8ntcheck 4

Please don't comment ever again

lolthatscute 0

what are you doing with your life, man.

12-you ******* retarded piece of shit, that wasn't even funny, that wasn't even a pun, your a retard....I shouldn't be calling you a retard, you make retards look smart you piece of shit get a life, probably the worst comment Iv read ever on fml. god your ******* dumb!

Sarahnade8 0

I missed the part where this is funny.

Ok how do I make a stupid comment.. think... ok got it. That was a "hard" fail. Get it? Stupid right... Ok thumbs down now I know the drill.

Reverse psychology seems to have worked here...