By Emil - 20/11/2011 21:42 - United States

Today, I was caught stealing a video game. I realized after my parents were called that the case was actually empty. FML
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You can't not deserve this.

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It's called a display case for a reason.


You can't not deserve this.

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Agreed. This gives more meaning to the phrase "Epic Fail" Better luck next time OP.

Stealing= Either poor/cheap and selfish= Failing Failing at robbery= Failing at failing You, sir, fail at failing.

Karma is a bitch.

I agree's a bitch thing to do.

21 - nice try but it doesn't work like that.

Sure it does, 43. OP is a punk-ass thief who fails at life.

Sounds like gamestop. 1- it is excusable since MW3 came out.

Doesn't failing at failing mean you're winning?

My mind has been blown

13FTW 9

21 is trying to mind fuck people. In reality he is saying OP won but, he didn't want you to realize that and thumb him down. Whatta fucking genius! I commend you, 21 you fail at failing as well.

What a fail.. Why would you take the case too?! Getting away with it is easier by taking the cd :D

kevsnev 7

Piece of shit of a kid.

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22, and that is not a double negative.

blackheart24 10

Bad boys bad boys. Watcha gonna do? WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?!? Douchebag.

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I hope your wearing a condom Because I have a dirty mind

blackheart24 10


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Say what I say when I get caught "I've been sent here by the Security Reassurance Agency to make sure that you can and will, to the best of your abilities, catch shoplifters. I now see that you are a responsible overseer and you can control your facility. Good day."

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101 you my friend are the one winning.

That's what he gets for being a piece of shit

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what if hes trying to use his money to feed his daughter? wait... nahh hes like 11

219 No, he's failing at failing. Get it right.

What he so deserved it

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It's called a display case for a reason.

Bet he was stealing skyward sword. Can't wait to play it!! YDI, OP. Cops always win.

bossroyd 4

And stupidity always fails...

Skyward sword? WTF is that?

It's the new Legend of Zelda game.

Zelda: Skyward Sword is being described as the best game ever released. Honestly OP, have you never heard of display cases?

Maybe he/she wanted the case?

Ah yes sorry I am not a fan of Zelda games.

I hate the Wii so I didn't get what it was either but I do like Zelda games

Probrably skyrim.

Stealing display cases is where its at!

skyward sword is good but skyrim is better

Skyrim is amazing! I bought a ps3 specifically to play it. For that matter, why am I on FML and not leveling? Happy gaming everyone.

agree skyrim is the greatest thing ever Bethesda once again satisfies

Umm are you guys Trollin? Bethesda did a terrible job with skyrim... Are you all 11 year old that weren't around for better games??? If you wanna talk Bethesda.... Morrowind was their most polished game, daggerfall was the most complex, and arena was the classic.... Skyrim,oblivion,battlespire, and redguard were all pretty big disappointments If you wanna talk RPG, Bethesda isn't the best, not by a long shot.... Their first 5 games were on the verge of not being RPGs because of all the action...skyrim and oblivion.... I don't see how anyone can even call them RPGs... I thought this website had a bit of a more mature community, but nowadays that seems to be less then half of the people, So if reducing the amount of skills, having and empty map, repetitiveness, level scaling, lack of creativity, losing most cool spells, no more cool rewards for dungeon crawling, and so on, are an improvement to the series or even good in general, get out the Internet!!!

91- too bad that's not out yet

An idiot with a criminal record.

flockz 19

and parents who hate him.

BlazinBirdman 3

what criminal isnt an idiot

Now he can play the game called Reality. Where you get what you deserve and you try to survive.

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The Shamwow guy. O wait he was the biggest idiot of them all.

You are a dumb a**

A dumb ass with a criminal record.

xGraycloud 4 It was funny the first time... It loses its magic on the second.

it definitely had one of those stickers that say "disc not contained in this. bring cover to cashier to receive game disc during checkout"

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226- that's kind of ironic since you're taking a second time something that has already been said. Looks like you still don't grasp uttrerly the concept

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YDI for stealing...

... and for being stupid enough to believe there was a game in the display case...

if he owns MW2 they won't be able to tell the difference. if he wasn't stealing mw3 then what I said is still applicable; a lot of games that come out around this time are sequels so they'll be similar to games that the OP might already own. I doubt that OP was stealing a game that he didn't know for a fact that he'd like, because it wouldn't be worth the risk of getting caught if he ended up not liking it. and if you like the prequel you'll probably like the sequel. I probably put more thought in this than I shouldve. that means it's time to get off fml...

Wowwwwwwww is all I can say... But... KARMA BITCH!!!!

Moonsorrow_fml 0

Then that means "woooooow" is not all you can say. Because, obviously you can conform to other people's jokes and state that Karma is a bitch.

MoonSorrow I believe we have similar interests and hates. SIEG HEIL!

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Yea, like plan to save money and buy it like the rest of us hardworking citizens, dick wad.

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"next time"? Really?! Wow. Can see your a good influence

Way to go idiot

YDI for having parents

bitchslapped22 14

MW3 can have that effect on people

sickjairo 7

You mean MW2.5

KiddNYC1O 20

Sure beats the hell out of Black Ops. Anyways, op, you're a scumbag. The developers and designers work hard for your entertainment, your gratitude is needed.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

I bet it was skyrim

Lol it's ironic cuz ur profile pic contains a joke relating to the song used to advertise for BF3 which is a much better game than MW2 continued... Yes I have been a CoD fan for years and I must say CoD went no where after MW2 and BF became the best

bitchslapped22 14

164- FYI I own Skyrim, MW3, and BF3 and Skyrim is the best of all of them. The fact that you had no clue what The Elder Scrolls were mean you don't know too much about games

Yeah, MW1 was fun when it came out.

157- MW2 was amazing...

Snafuusmc 12

What the mw2 expansion pack?

Anaxes 5

#164 - If you never heard of Skyrim, then it means you know nothing about gaming at all. Playing Call of Duty does not make you a "gamer" or any other variant of the term.

The thing with these flame wars are that most of the people arguing are pre teens. In my opinion.. if you want an almost realistic team based military fps you choose BF3. If you want a Rambo type and chaotic military fps you choose the COD series. At the end of the day to each his own and the best to both EA and Activision. :)

Modern warfare 3 will suck after battlefield 3

The cases are always empty... Once you bring it up to the counter they give you the game. YDI

Not always

Usually, unless the games are used.

Best Buy has the game in the disc case but I dont think gamestop does if it is new.

Not in canada

Good point, I was only thinking about GameStop haha