By Anonymous - United States
Today, I asked my professor what happened to the assignment I gave him several weeks ago. Turns out he lost it, and graded me zero as a result. Now if I want a mark, he says I'll have to hand-write it all over again, but that I "probably shouldn't bother," because it was "a bit shit, really." FML
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  thinkPlNK  |  0

then hack into his computer and cancel classes for tomorrow. if you're passionate about your grade, that will give you time to get a head start on your work!

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

He sounds like one of the dickheads that won't help you at all because "you should have paid better attention the first time"

That's a load of shit, you're paying a nice chunk of cash that goes directly into HIS salary. He should at least take credit for screwing up himself

  SecretMe00  |  5

Dude some professors are real assholes. I wrote a paper that I spent hours on and on the last page my professor wrote: "this was a waste of my time and yours." Such a dick!

  capnbzarr  |  43

I say she should skip over the department head and take her complaint directly to the Dean of the Faculty. This fucker probably has tenure, but he might at least take the complaint a bit more seriously if it comes from the Dean. If her own complaint isn't taken seriously, she could tell her parents and have them complain too (assuming her parents are paying her tuition).