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Today, I asked my one-year-old to come and give mommy a kiss. She did and it was really sweet, until she tried to spit a piece of dog food into my mouth. FML
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k_lylepad 19

Why was your daughter eating dog food??

For the people saying why the baby is kissing her/him in the lips; they're babies! It doesn't matter if they want to kiss you on the lips or cheek! Unless they are like 30 or something then yes it's weird.


k_lylepad 19

Why was your daughter eating dog food??

Because little kids will eat random things... My parents always joke that I used to eat dog cookies when I was little.

NotASquirrel 19

ptoka is right, I used to eat crayons and paper as a kid

My favorite thing was to eat leaves and pretend I was a dinosaur.

I feel like this is pretty obvious since we are talking about a 1 year old...

My son recently just picked up an annoying fascination with dog food, crayons, and hair conditioner. some kids just eat random things.

whatarethisss 23

my favorite thing to eat was chalk sticks.

I used to eat lotion as a little kid, my mom asked the doctor about it and he said it was fine, probably helped my GI tract out! lol

Small kids are still figuring out what's "food" and what isnt. And, tbh, of all the non-food things a one year old can reach, dog food comes the closest to food. It's made for eating, and made to smell appealing (the fact that we don't eat it/ think it smells all that great has much more to do with conditioning than objectivity. If you get hungry enough it starts smelling just fine). If the dog is healthy and the food bowl gets washed often enough, it's not a huge deal. Discourage it, obviously, but it's not going to make baby sick. (If it's persistent, maybe switch to a small kibble formula if you can to reduce choking hazard to the kid)

Kids do the weirdest things some times

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crimsonlilies 26

Why are you teaching your child to kiss you on the lips anyway, and not the cheek?

The baby is half of them. If the child was like 20 then I could see the issue. But it's a baby! I don't see anything wrong with it.

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fangirlofthings 21

There's nothing sexual about it, people who see a child give their parents a kiss on the lips and said child is less then 13 and see something sexual are the problem honestly. Same as the schools who get all worried about a 5 or 6 year old's shoulders

It's perfectly fine to kiss a baby on the mouth. It's very strange that you're sexualizing a kiss between a mother and a small child. When the child grows up, the mouth kissing should probably stop. But as for now, there really shouldn't be judgement for that.

It's a ONE YEAR OLD CHILD!! There's nothing inappropriate about it. My five year old sister still gives all the family kisses on their lips. If you can find something wrong with a child giving their family a teeny little peck then I think you're the one with the problem

Until my nephew was five we kissed him on the lips. He saw it as a sign of affection. He sees me kiss his aunt all the time so of course he wanted kisses. The fact that you can even attempt to sexualize this is really disturbing.

honestly its a kiss, its not like they are making out.

I looked online after I read this, to see the debate and wow was it crazy! People were calling people pedophiles for kissing their kids on the lips. Tons of people sexualize it (yet don't sexualize breastfeeding) and many people just fear the spread of disease such as herpes. I don't understand the sexualization of it, and I only understand the disease spreading if you have such a disease. Other people say it creates a better relationship to show affection and love by kissing your child on the lips as it differentiates the relationship between parent and child vs child and an aunt or uncle who may kiss them on the cheek or forehead. I personally think to each their own, and to do whatever feels comfortable to you and the child. If the child wants to kiss you on the lips, let them. If they don't, then don't. I just wish people would stop bashing people for their parenting skills. As long as the child is not being abused or neglected, it is really no ones business how parents raise their children.

I kiss my son on his lips and his adorable chubby cheeks.I'm his mother and the act shouldn't be looked down upon. in other countries even the men still kids their fathers on the lips. everything is made into a big deal here just like breastfeeding. Next everyone's going to be against kids coming out of their mothers whoohas

your not a pedo if you kiss your young child on the lips but i wouldn't do that. everyone else go ahead.

Well said. Personally, it grosses me out but to each their own.

I kiss all of my family members on the mouth and cheeks. In my family we are required to hug and kiss each other every time we greet and say goodbye. Its called love and respect, my family would never sexualized me.

if it's good enough for fido why don't you just try it? lol

That's all part of having a young child, I'd suggest getting used to it (while teaching them differently but obviously that takes time)

YDI for kissing your family on the mouth

"Family", and it's a 1 year old child. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. My 3 year old nephew kisses me on the lips. If you sexualize that then there's something wrong with YOU.

it's safer not to kiss an infant on the lips. for instance if a family member had herpes or something like that.