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Today, my girlfriend came back from camping with her friends. I say "friends", I mean "friend". And when I say "friend", I mean "her ex". I took a look through her bag afterwards, and well, who knew condoms were considered camping equipment these days. FML
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Sorry OP that sucks. There is someone better than her for you


Sorry OP that sucks. There is someone better than her for you

It may be a clichè but it's true. People who cheat are scum on the earth that are worth much less than any faithful person.

I agree. Rarely do I jump and say dump the bitch. but seriously, dump the bitch.

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Absolutely dump her. She not only is a lying bitch, but a cheater. It might be cliché, but cheaters are some of the lowest people, honestly, OP can definitely get someone better.

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Who, why is everyone assuming she is a cheater on this thread? Condoms can hold up to a liter of drinking water. Maybe his girlfriend is a survival expert? Seems likely

#94 Ya because her and her ex said bring condoms to hold water

Yes because everyone brings condoms just for survival...^

It's not "it's a cliche BUT it's true", it's a cliche BECAUSE it's true.

#94 by 'survival expert' you meant 'huge lying slutface' right?

Don't worry 94. I have a sense of humor, at least.

#94 you know what else can hold a liter of water? a one liter bottle, they're not that hard to carry around while camping

I see someone is a fan of Jake Porway :-)

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You guys are no fun, you haven't lived until you have sipped water through a giant latex, penis-shaped balloon.

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Dump the b*tch and get tested...

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Well I voted YDI and FYL because he shouldn't have been ok with her going camping with her ex. I know I wouldn't be ok with that!

This reminds me of the episode of Friends where they get stuck in Monica's bedroom, and Joey pulls out condoms from underneath the bed and says "you don't know how long we're gonna be in here! We may have to repopulate the earth." And Chandler says "and CONDOMS are the way to do that...?!"

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Why was OP looking through her bag though? If you can't trust someone, don't be with them.

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For optimal camping experience just add condoms, 23.

Confucius say "Man who takes woman on camping trip has one in tent."

Well in an emergency they can hold up to a liter of water. I always keep one on me. Non lubricated though so it wont taint the water.

If you have to keep your items dry cover them in condoms

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Ever had sex while camping? It's ******* in tents!

70, so you're telling me that you always carry a non-lubricated condom around, not for sex, but just in case you have run out of water and need it to a hold a litre of rainwater for your survival? Interesting. I guess you win when it comes to survival of the fittest.

I hope you ended that quickly, don't let her get to you. Sorry op.

You sound super desperate to be considered a nerd girl in your bio #53

and by "ex" you mean new "camping friend"

I hate to be stereotypical and say you should leave her, but you really should. Once someone cheats it's over.

Screw the once she cheats. Id get rid of her for planning to cheat, and bringing condoms

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She came back from the camping trip already. He didn't get the chance to find out before she cheated on him.

#6 I agree with you 100%.. Once someone cheats you cannot trust them anymore. And if there is no trust then there is no relationship. Also op you need to dump that bitch. Once a cheater, always a cheater. FYL op I'm sorry that you had to go through this.

like all the above have said, ditch the bitch buuuut always some time to poke some holes in said condoms before you go ;)

Don't poke holes in the condoms because then there's the potential of a kid being born to people who aren't ready and the kid having a really shitty life. Then you're ruining somebody else's life who hasn't done anything wrong to deserve it because they don't even exist yet.

Or they could be good parents you never know. But you should slow your roll over a joke. This probably occurred weeks ago and op wouldn't be able to unless he gave her another chance.

they took condoms because they're not ready for a child, so really they would probably be shitty parents.

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And they grew "closer" while on the camping trip.

Their lateral displacement went into negatives.

Well. I don't know about you but I don't use condoms with my close friends.

So you just go bare with you're close friends 121?

Sounds like someone doesn't need tires

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You should have at least went with her or something. Her going to a camping trip with only her ex seems like a big hint.

If you actually read the FML you would know that OP's girlfriend must have lied to him and said she was going on a camping trip with friends so OP wouldn't be suspicious, but he later found out it was a two person "camping trip"

So now she's your ex, I hope? Cheating *****!!!!