By jazzybell - 21/11/2011 00:29 - United States

Today, I found out that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will erase the paint right off your wall. FML
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I cleaned a pair of really dirty shoes once with a magic eraser, it was incredible how clean they became!

NO way! Fascinating story please tell it again! :)

There's really no need to retell it. Feel free to read it again. It's not going anywhere in all likelihood.

kewlkate 9

Well, it also eats up the wax you put on hard wood

What the heck is in that thing!? Satan's saliva and angel dust?

monnanon 13

its a very mild abrasive material. we use them sometimes at work to get rid of scuffs on the wall from luggage and you can always see lighter patches in the paint. scrubbing it away to nothing is a bit extreme thougg

Then u will just have to use Mr. Magic Paint to counter it :D

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But that shit won't get the ****** sparkles off my walls

Mr_Matsubayashi 7

Man, I gotta get me one of those.

I always thought they were awesomely magical.

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Do you believe in an eraser?

That does work on everything. ...and they say commercials lie all the time.

slushpup9696 12

30 - It's okay, that happened to me too. last time I'll be buying plants from seedy looking commercials...

I knew they were good but not that good..