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Today, I was told by a friend that my girlfriend has been cheating on me. Her defence was that if I had a bigger dick she wouldn't have been, in her words, forced to go elsewhere for sex. My mother's response when I confided this in her: "Ask me if I care." FML
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Swift4Life 13

Sorry man. That really sucks & that's a terrible thing for your mom to say.

Girlfriends a bitch. Better before than if you got married.


Swift4Life 13

Sorry man. That really sucks & that's a terrible thing for your mom to say.

Redoxx_fml 22

He should have known she was trouble when she walked in

And they're never ever ever getting back together.

Pwn17 25

"What do ya do when yo' bitch is untrue? You cut that hooker off and find someone new I need another bitch (another bitch), in my life"

OhDearBetrayal 25

He should have known that she's better known for the things that she does on the mattress.

suboy 10

Ima let you all finish, but OP had the best post of all time.

And the award for" Mother of the Year" goes to....

Girlfriends a bitch. Better before than if you got married.

Right? Good riddance.. but really, chin up OP. Now you have a chance to find someone who ISN'T a shallow ****. :)

How about we don't **** shame kiddies.

How about we call cheating fuckfaces out on their shit, rather than trying to be all edgy by equating it to a single girl sleeping around? Unless basic ethics mean nothing to you and you think it's okay to cheat, of course.

well idk about you, but cheating on someone is bad enough by itself, but cheating because someone doesn't have the biggest package seems shallow and slutty to me. The size of OPs junk shouldn't matter. His pencil isn't the problem, it's the bad quality paper he was writing on.

Redoxx_fml 22

He should just erase all memories of her

Now that is the utter truth! She probably has recycled paper.

there's a difference between a girl having a lot of sex and being labeled, and a girl having a lot of sex and hurting others, such as her boyfriend, in the process. That's called being a selfish bitch who shouldn't have been in the relationship in the first place.

you need to get a new girlfriend after burning her stuff

Redoxx_fml 22

But the bitch took it all with her

Time to find a girl who isn't so shallow. Not much to be said about about your mom. Sorry OP.

seriously, if size makes her immoral, she has been around the block a while.

Shadowvoid 33

Good sex should be important to everyone. It's not like you would want to be with someone with a loose, ugly ******. Only guys with small penises blame their lack of success pleasing women on the particular woman being a ****. You see, the thing about ***** is, they're not particular. They'll screw anyone who gives them attention. Women who appreciate good sex might have a list of things they're looking for in a partner, and depending on the woman, a good-sized penis could be there. Not because she's easy, but because it feels good for her. No girl likes a tiny penis. Easy girls take what they can get.

freesitter 14

If penis size is so important to her, she should of broke up with him; instead of wasting both of their time, and cheating on him. There is never an excuse to cheat on anyone.

freesitter 14

is* and cheating on*. Hate this stupid keypad on this phone.

No one is debating whether she's a ***** for cheating. Obviously it's disgusting to betray your significant other. You missed the point of the thread completely. He stated that only ****** prefer larger penises to small ones. Which is a ridiculously bitter statement, and obviously born out of resentment and deflection. OR a gross misunderstanding of how female sexuality works. Apparently all good girls share the same likes and dislikes in bed lol

freesitter 14

I don't think I did misunderstand the thread. The way you worded your first comment, to me, made it seem like you were defending the ops actions. I understand that to some girls, in order to have good sex they need a man that's well endowed. But if that's the case they obviously know they are not compatible with a small guy, and should break it off before someone gets hurt.

No, I never referenced OPs girlfriend. I was responding only to the false statement given by 45. The girlfriend's lack of morals is blatantly obvious, but the misguided notion that women who've slept with copious amounts of men are the only ones who prefer larger partners to tiny ones... That myth is much too widespread and is only a deflection from someone's insecurity. To make yourself feel better, instead of persecuting women for their preferences (petty and sad behavior), one should just content themselves with the FACTUAL knowledge that there are some girls who truly don't mind, and even some who can't easily accept larger men because of how they're built, and in fact prefer something smaller.

What a coincidence that I see this after getting out of my human sexuality class... As it turns out, size doesn't actually matter. The inner 2/3 of the ****** are insensitive and if you are actually bigger than average(4-5 inches), chances are you'll be hitting the cervix, which turns a pleasurable experience into a painful one...yup, just dropped some knowledge up in here.

It's not about length, it's about girth. I've never met a woman who cared about their partner being "long and strong", you can't even feel what's going on deep inside a lot of the time, but if a guy has a larger circumference, you can most certainly tell the difference.

I'd like to point out that there is way more to a relationship than sex, good or bad. "Good sex" doesn't have to be important to everyone. Having a loose/ugly ****** or a small penis is not a reason to not want to date someone who is otherwise compatible.

Zimmington 21

Damn, OP don't worry you'll find the right one someday. Size doesn't matter to all girls.

It doesn't matter to most girls. then there are the ones who can fit a pringles can up there...

ileenefudge 29

Move on, there is no excuse for her actions and you can do so much better than someone like that. Trust me I know, if you stay with her, she will cheat on you again because she will think it's ok.

What a shallow ****, you'll find someone way better, don't worry.

olpally 32

What a **** and your mothers a bitch. Damn. Two heartless bitches right there.