By Finding Kemo - 16/04/2016 19:12 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I went to school with a bad haircut. I got about 50 cancer jokes so far. FML
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It could be worse. Like you could actually have cancer

What breed of assholes go to your school?! Nice name, by the way.


What breed of assholes go to your school?! Nice name, by the way.

Hate to be the grammar nazi, but it's Chemo, OP. I thought it was kemo for the longest time, too.

No special breed of assholes. Just normal everyday teenagers who think they're funny and clever.

It could be worse. Like you could actually have cancer

Ya, you'll find that most people cannot stand to stfu and get past their petty superficial idleness. Even if they look like a freshly f'd squirrel themselves...

I don't think that's a laughing Mattar.

Your spelling is.

Wow...thats one heartless school you are attending. People actually joke about cancer?

Coming from a family that has suffered from cancer, anyone that jokes about that deserves to die more than every cancer patient put together.

Humor is one of the best ways to handle terrible things that have and are happening.. I sympathize with everyone going through cancer, and have had family and friends going through it. I still don't think that someone who jokes about cancer "deserves to die". If they ACTUALLY didn't care about cancer and its devastation, Then it might be different. But isn't wishing death upon someone for making a joke a bit harsh...?

Apparently, people take things verbatim. Not everything is to be taken literally.

This guy's comments make me want to bang my head on a sidewalk.

@#17 I don't think that word means what you think it means...

@25 Please do. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not here for strangers to agree with me on the Internet. @28 please look up the word. If I'm wrong, apparently, the ability to read has escaped me.

Verbatim means word for word like reciting a message to someone verbatim. It's not really a way people can 'take' things but I see how the mixup occurred

25 I agree this dude comments a sappy life lesson on almost every fml. 39, you're right

@40 What is life aside from being a continuous lesson?

I'd rather have a bad hair cut than cancer. I watched several family members go through a battle with cancer and it's not fun.

I'd be sure to reply loudly: "Yeah, well, what can you do. Be glad you only have to deal with syphilis!"

at least it'll grow back in a month or two?? could be worse! c:

Been there. I feel for ya man