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Today, my mom came home drunk and crying, so I tried to comfort her and asked what was wrong. She wasted no time admitting that she'd hooked up with her ex-husband, AKA my dad, but that it'd sucked for her because he has a tiny penis. Thanks, I really needed to know that. FML
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Aw and they said size doesn't matter :p

The last time my mom got drunk, she left me at a diner in the middle of Nebraska. 50 miles away from where we lived.


Aw and they said size doesn't matter :p

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My short dicked friend in high school once told me 'I may not hit bottom, but I sure beat the shit out of the sides.'

If you are a woman who likes the feel of big cocks then having a big **** is important to your sexual satisfaction and it is possible that a small dude is not going to be compatible. Luckily there are many women out there who like different things.

My boyfriends penis is too large. It's about 7.8 inches long. The girth is far more impressive, easily thicker than my wrists. I know they come larger than this but for me, it's far too big. It hurts a lot, every single time. We've only had sex about 20 times and while I know one day I'll be "loose" enough to handle the girth, the feeling of it hitting the end of my canal is the most painful part and I can't imagine that ever being comfortable. i cant sit on him or "ride" him cause theres still like 3 inches of him under me when its all the way in. I usually bleed and pray that it will end quickly. I pretend that I enjoy it more than I do because I love him and want him to have fun and feel good about himself but I don't lie and say it's not painful. He also lasts over 45 minutes. It gets unbearable. since I'm not into it at all it gets very very very tiring, and by the end feels like his dick is coated in sandpaper. #49 his dick must be microscopic if you can't wear a tampon. You're not pushing it in far enough if it's uncomfortable.

Even a tic-tac hurts going 100 miles an hour

Ok ok ok WOAH #78 what? my entire comment talks about how bad it is to have a boyfriend with a large penis. i hate it. i hate having sex with him. did you read what i wrote? i would much much much rather half the average size than this. ive never even had an ******. im sure your boyfriend satisfies you just fine. i dont even want to be satisfied, i just want to not feel excrutiating pain when i have sex. I don't care what sized penis your boyfriend has, nor do I think it matters for anyone's sex life. about the tampons, i used to be so tight i couldnt wear tampons either. in fact, with a mirror you couldnt even see the hole. my period was all messed up. thsts how closed up i was. it took a very long time for one finger to fit in there comfortably, but once it did i started to wear tampons and i think theyre great. all I meant was you're wearing it wrong. maybe not; maybe they're not right for you. For most woman, when inserted properly you shouldn't be able to feel them at all. I just assumed that if your boyfriends penis is bigger than a tampon, you should be able to wear them. It was a stupid joke... sorry

I know where the g spot is and I know all the world averages. I agree with you on everything you said, why do you have to be so hurtful?

Ok ok ok. i understand, I sounded like those big girls who post to flat chested girls saying "I hate having double E's I would kill to have tiny boobs blah blah blah" when you know they flaunt it. I must have sounded like such an annoying boasting *****. i didn't mean it that way.

Ok. i stay with him because he'd the most wonderful lovely perfect guy I've ever met. For personal reasons, I always wanted to wait to have sex and after seeing the pain I was in he's decided it's a good idea for both of us. He is so supportive and only wants me to be happy, but I make sure he's satisfied. We've been together for a while and plan on getting married soon. We don't live togerher; but when we get married were going to make sure we sort these issues. I'm going to see a therapist about some personal issues and my fear of intercourse and we're going to try everything to make sure it's an enjoyable experience for both of us. Every other aspect of our lives is perfect and I couldn't be happier with him. He's not worth losing just because I'm not stretched enough yet

That's will be hard memory to erase.

OP will have to go John Hancock for that to happen.

I don't know who to feel worse for in the story. Dad for his "little problem", mom for future liver problems and her being let down, or OP for the years she will have to spend with her shrink.

We are assuming the mom will have liver problems from one night of drinking?

At least you were trying to be supportive and comforting? :( She will probably be embarrassed for telling you that when she's no longer drunk.

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I hope you got your mom's genes

She's a girl so it doesn't really matter.

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Yeah that's my bad for not paying attention.

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At least she didn't show a picture

The last time my mom got drunk, she left me at a diner in the middle of Nebraska. 50 miles away from where we lived.


What sucks the most is that you live in Nebraska.

I live in Missouri. But she left me in Nebraska.

My family did the same thing to me, eighty miles from the city we lived in. I feel for you!

What the **** is wrong with your families??? How do you not notice a missing person or be enough of an ass to purposely leave someone in the middle of nowhere???

sorry op, I'm not sure how I'd deal with that.

I hope that your mom is single. Otherwise she'd be illogical and a cheater.'s Fml. of course it's our business >:)

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TMI mom TMI... At least you were trying to be a good daughter