By Anonymous - 27/04/2013 18:32 - Lithuania - Prienai

Today, my psycho and now ex-girlfriend accused me of cheating on her with my own mother. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Run and don't look back; that's truly psycho. Lol.


Read #1's comment and the song with JT came into my head... Damn you Pandora!!!

You're not Dexter you're a phony! Dexter doesn't care to censor. :)

nitewlf12 10

"I'm a mother lover. You're a mother lover. We should **** each other's mothers." Ah. Thank you lonely island.

Oedipus the king logic. And they said English class was a waste of time

shift_love 13
Smokingweenies 3

I'm very surprised no one made a Freud joke here.

Zyzz7 12

OP you deserve it for doing it with your own mom. Come on man, what the ****...

I think that happened in the bible once

heartemopants 18

Nimrod. I'm so disappointed I know that...

No my darling, you're thinking of Oedipus Rex. Definitely as screwed as the Bible, but more of a satisfying conclusion.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Run and don't look back; that's truly psycho. Lol.


I would look back. what if she has a gun or something that could hurt you!

NagainaFier 16

Nope; if you look back, you slow down. Just keep running, OP

At least he'll get shot in the back and not have to see her psycho face before he dies.

Hey, there are some messed up people in the world. I once dated a guy who had a very... disconcerting... attachment to his mommy. That said, the girlfriend still sounds nuts for making that accusation.

luckyd880 12

Thank goodness "ex" was in this FML.

I feel like that's said threateningly because of your picture

luckyd880 12

Don't worry OP, I'll take care of her for you.

She took the insult mother ****** too literally.

Incestuous relations with your mother? Seems like a legitimate reason to drop your ass and make you look bad. Sorry op

I don't think too many people will get your reference...

I think many people will, since psychology is a common class in High Schools.

jem970 19

A famous ancient Greek story where a son who is meant to be killed returns to his parents kingdom and ends up marrying and having kids with his mother? Anyone who has sat through a high school or college literature class will have heard of this play/story. I commend you sir. This was the first thing that came to my mind after I read this FML.

I could basically tell what this comment meant and I've never even heard of the reference. Lol

23, not even. I am only in 7th grade and understand the reference.

if you're in seventh grade doesn't that make you 12? shouldn't you still be on club penguin?

Hahahaha FMLs about cheating get crazier by the day.