By ameremanapparently - 26/03/2016 12:27 - United States - Carlisle

Today, someone told my girlfriend that I cheated on her. I've never cheated in my life. Instead of talking to me about it, she made a big post on Facebook about what a dick I am. Pretty much all the comments went along the lines of "What a bastard." and "Ugh, men are pigs." FML
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If she doesn't believe you, she's not worth it.

She obviously doesn't deserve you then.


If she doesn't believe you, she's not worth it.

Especially if she won't even have a simple discussion before making a big show and dance about it. People lie so often about others cheating because they're jealous or just plain vindictive. It's ****** up.

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Not to mention the fact that a relationship's foundation is built on trust. Without trust, you can bet their relationship will become toxic.

She obviously doesn't deserve you then.

Sorry, OP. I hope your name gets cleared. That's a terrible thing to be accused of.

y? this is a good time for him to drop her like a bad habit. those kind of people cannot be fixed.

If she's immature enough to post it on Facebook instead of talking to you, I don't think you need her anyway.

That's exactly right! A Facebook is very immature

It my be more low self esteem than lack of maturity. If you can talk to her, maybe you can get through this. Too many people here are quick to declare a relationship over. Being in a relationship means understanding and forgiveness, in that oeder.

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That was supposed to be her duty before posting it on Facebook, not his.

Given the fact that she automatically assumed it was true , and then publicly shamed you , I think you're better off without her in your life

Clearly she thought that was the mature thing to do in that situation

if she reacts like that to this, you never know what other things she may go overboard on, not saying you are, but you might be lucky

Why do people moan about shit on Facebook rather than actually doing something about it

because now a days, people find it easier and get compasion when something "bad happens"

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Bc they're seeking attention.

Because some of them think it might actually solve the problem, while others may be too cowardly to confront someone about it.

Because doing something about it means actually taking responsibility for your life instead of being able to just whine about how bad it is....

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If she's this immature, I'd consider maybe dumping her OP. Nobody like that is worth it.