By Kate - 29/04/2012 15:22 - United States - Concord

Today, I watched "Rain Man" with my family. The whole time they kept exclaiming, "Omigod! That's just like Kate!" FML
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By Anonymous - 11/03/2012 23:19 - United States

Today, I watched Gigli. FML
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Yes, because wasting one's money will solve a completely unrelated problem.

I'm not going to bother writing a comment because I know this thread is going to get modded. For the smart-asses out there, this isn't a comment.

So she's going to feel sad AND broke? We know what you do when you have problems Jake... You go to ze sauce ;) lol

You guys obviously haven't seen Rain Man so clearly don't understand the reference. Shut up.

LunaDragon 10

Actually in the movie rain man, the lead is mentally handicapped but a genius at number's and cards, so #1 is basically saying for Op go to a casino and break the bank.

In the movie Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman's autistic character is extremely good at counting cards and wins a lot of money from a casino. Just wanted to clear that up. *Edit: did not notice 43's comment. Beat me to it.

Ok, people who thumbed down #1, go watch rain man, have a moment of realisation as to why you are wrong, feel ashamed, and proceed with your lives just a little bit more enlightened :)

27, I take it you've never seen Rain Man. Kindly STFU.

^ You're right. I haven't seen the movie. But the people above you kindly explained how it relates to the movie. I've seen the error I made. So YOU can kindly shut the **** up prick. Thanks. I find it interesting that 1 was getting buried until someone explained how it relates to the movie, and then suddenly they were being thumbed up and we started getting thumbed down. Bandwagon mentality much?

The_Hitdude just leave it. People get thumbed up or down based on the opinion of the general public. Unless you make an extraordinarily ingenious comment, this is a lost fight. We must prepare the legions for the next battle. Load the Grammar canons!

So...while we're waiting for the thread to get nuked by the mods, thumb this comment up if you're using the mobile app!

And this one if you're using the desktop site!

Damn it Commando, that's what I wrote but you posted it before me and now I have no idea what to write.

twisted_cherub 14

Hitdude, from now on I will thumb up all your comments, no matter how stupid. I will do this because every time you get thumbed down or corrected you get completely irate, rant at people, call names and curse. This super defensive reaction tells me your self-esteem must be very centered on what people think or say about you. That makes our reactions to your comments important. Every thumbs up will be like a little hug telling you you're a valuable human being.

68, you were getting thumbed down because you made an incorrect statement about something you know nothing about.

80-...I can see where you're coming from. I'm a defensive person by nature, and it inadvertently reflects into my comments on this site. It is something I need to work on, but in actuality, I don't have any self-esteem issues. Little things tend to piss me off. We live, learn' and grow, and that is one of the things

*learn *one of the things I need to work on. Sorry, accidentally hit send.

HighasaCloud 46

I laughed harder than I should have at that last part

alisidewinder 9

I laughed at the fact that they were like why should she go to a casino. Lol! But now they know hopefully they won't make the same mistake. ;)

Oh no... No no no oh no, definitely not comfortable...

I just can't believe he cares about the clicks of the thumbs of people he doesn't even know...

I love how most of these comments are just an arguement haha. People need to learn when it's time to stop talking haha

DrDR- I don't care about how much I get thumbed up or down. If you could see how many times I've been thumbed down since I made my account (I'll give you a hint: it's a hell of a lot more than I've been thumbed up) then you'd realize I could care less. What grinds my gears is when people switch sides at the drop of a hat when someone decides to explain the comment. I already realize that I was wrong, and if you look at my profile, I've already apologized. But it has nothing to do with thumbs. Hell, I'm practically shaking hands with Satan with how far down to hell I've been thumbed on this thread alone. Just thought

I get ya. But it would be best at this point to subside gracefully into the shadows until the next FML

X_Codes 11

In related news, does anyone know what the record is for the most thumbed-down comment on FML?

phantumgrey 6

134- There's one with -3606 on the "top FML of all time" post.

seriously....can we impose an age/intelligence minimum on here? I'm gonna freak out on kids, god help them of hey try to ID me in the future!!!

Lisa to ralph: players play and manager manages. Ralph to lisa: so do alligators alligate??

Faelwyn 3

They are going to start dropping boxes of toothpicks and asking you to count, and then if that works it's on to the casinos.

well kate im sorry to hear that but im just saying it could be worse.You could have been watching *shuddres in disgust* twilight. (sorry i had ti say it)

Twilight may take the awards for both "Shittiest Books Ever" and "Shittiest Movies Ever," but it doesn't apply here.

You sir get thumbed down just for the meer mention of twilight >=/ WE WILL NOT SPEAK OF THIS HERE!

116 youre right. Kate would be dissappointed

Aug1508 9

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MiniNyn 5

Someone has apparently never even heard of the movie. And look at her user name... It's "Kate"

"Rainman" aka "Raymond". I'd assume that's who this Kate-person was being compared too, given the information we received in the FML.

It appears that you do not wield the power of simple deduction my friend.

Or the person had just never seen rainman and didn't understand it, you don't all have to be ignorant jerks.

Now, if you will look at the name OP used when submitting, you will see that she is "Kate".

You been where?! WITH WHO?! Mmmmm... Foreal? Oh really? That's how you feel? And the Guy be like, "Askin' all them questions...

MichellinMan 20

I'm pretty sure it was Kate. yep, pretty sure.

Um, you all must not be noticing that the OP's username is "Kate".... OP, that sucks. Have you ever been diagnosed on the autism spectrum? Might be time to talk to a doctor and find out. You might not know--many autistic people are very high-functioning (e.g. those with Asperger's) and even excel in school or at their jobs.

alicekittykatt 0

Omigod!!! that would annoy me!

Angelrose2004 17

Everytime one of my family or friends sees the "nerdy" girl with brown hair, freckles, glasses, and books in her hand, my family always says, "She reminds me of you." I feel your pain, OP. But don't let it bother you. :)

theevilduchess 12

I don't believe you. I think you just made that up for sympathies sake. For shame!

...Because being compared to a "nerd" is exactly the same as being compared to an autistic person.

So, Gretchen from Recess then yeah? ;)

Angelrose2004 17

#70- Really!? I only made the statement to try and make OP feel better. Why would I want sympathy for looking like a nerd? That's pretty stupid! But I posted my pic just for you :) #81- I haven't seen the movie, so I didn't catch the reference. I apologize. #90- According to my nephew, yes. lol

Steve95401 49

A lot of guys, myself included, find the nerd girl look to be really hot. Don't be so tough on yourself Angel Rose.

Steve, you are looking so much like a pedo right now.

kayla_ann0o 9

107-not trying to come off as mean but that's ******* creepy.

Junkie_Razor 20

107 considering she's 22 and you look like your in your late 40s with a pedophile moustache, I'd back off before we learn your predator identity.

unixdude 9

118, if you think that is creepy, you are in for a rough ride as you grow up. Now excuse me while I have some "alone time" in the bathroom with your profile pic (see? Now that is creepy)

kayla_ann0o 9

Oh my god please never say something like that again.

SwtCherryPie 26

One of my managers used to call me "Rain Man" (even though I'm a woman) because I had organized something and knew a quick way to count a large amount of the items without much effort. I thought it was funny more than anything because as simple as it was they couldnt figure out my method.