By welp, time to become an assassin - United States - Rowlett
Today, I was playing a video game that required me to hunt a few animals. My mom walked in, saw what I was doing, then went into her psycho vegan mode and started yelling at me. She basically grounded me for "murdering" pixels on a screen. FML
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  Phyre24  |  17

It's obviously Assassin's Creed 3 if you read his name. That is a pretty funny/fucked up scenario though, sucks for you for having such a psycho mom

  BradTheBrony  |  19

That "pink stuff" (why the fuck is PINK of all words in quotes?) is meat, just ground the fuck up. Or are you trying to tell me that sawdust isn't wood, droplets aren't water, and snow isn't ice?

By  AH1Zviper  |  15

So, your mother grounds you for killing animals on a screen, but other parents happily let their 12-year olds kill people on Call of duty. I would say kudos to your mother for actually caring.

  CooperRage  |  13

If that's the case, shouldn't she have known about that game before he acquired it and stopped him getting it? Her going off like that show's she had no clue what he was playing in the first place.

  dmattimeoj  |  12

yeah you´re right because what you do in video games totally correlates to what you do in real life. personally, i know that ever since i was a kid i now jump on every turtle i see, then pick it up and bowl it at mean people thus knocking their legs out from underneath them. plus, every time i see a brick i try and smash it with my head to retrieve the gold coins inside. had my mother stopped me from playing vidoe games maybe i wouldn´t get such frequent headaches.

  jhs578650  |  9


Oh you are one of those people. You know, I have been playing violent video games for 24 years now, and yet I (and literally millions of other people) somehow manage to get through an average day without committing any acts of violence. It's a total mystery how we do it.

  mvc3ftw  |  17

Well i guess since i grew up playing MK and Killer Instinct, i should throw myself at someone and shocking them while yelling unintelligable phrases eh 5? (hooray Raiden!..."ALEIYALEIYALEEGAAAHHH!!!!"*flies while yelling*)

  mvc3ftw  |  17

Oh,and i'm pretty sure those people who went on shootouts like those two from columbine or the guy from virginia tech had some sort of mental problems or were on meds.They would have snapped regardless of whether play played video games or not.

By  Pleonasm  |  34

If it's Skyrim, just mod the animals into tasty looking asparagus and she will be pleased. The Dovakhiin has never been healthier. Or hipster.
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