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Today, my girlfriend told me she wanted get to know my mom, so they went off and had a chat. After an hour, I noticed my girlfriend was gone and my mom was waiting for me. Apparently I've been dumped through my mother. FML
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... Dude, you never leave a new girlfriend alone with your mom. Good things do not happen.

It's your relationship, you should be in control.


It's your relationship, you should be in control.

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I meant her mother shouldn't interfere in her relationship. I did not mean that she should be controlling or abusive, etc.

#6 cmon man don't let a women question what you mean. stand up for yourself!

#16, I am not sexist. As much as I tend to laugh at most of your comments, I don't put up with or participate in sexism. It was a simple misunderstanding.


Steve-O, I loved you in jackass

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so you kind of got to wonder what your mom said to her to make her so uncomfortable where she couldnt even break up with you herself, I'd talk to your "ex" gf to see what happened!

17, I wouldn't deny something that subjective until the accuser defines it for you. It could be a good thing by that person's standards.

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#4 only adds to the "women are stupid" stereotype. Yeah it was an innocent misunderstanding but no need to be a bitch about it.

51, girls have been trained to call things sexist the instant they see them... Though her spelling is atrocious.

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I blame women for there own lack of rights and sexism. I have made a speech for class on this and everyone agreed even the girls so.... ya women it is all ir fault

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59 Ahh yes of course you have proven your point that it's the fault of women for sexism and rights issues by telling us that you made a speech. In your class. Well good for you but you do realize you explained nothing. I mean if you're going to make a statement like that at least have the goods to back it up. 'Jus sayin'. OP Find out what yo momma said. And then agree with it.

That reminds me of a funny joke! Women's rights... XD

56, I don't even use the term "sexist" lightly, in fact I probably haven't used it in years but that comment is legitimately sexist. You're male and you don't have the same experience women have every day. You aren't constantly objectified in younger years. In fact, being a male I would say you're "trained" to believe that you're dominant and that's why you refuse to believe sexism exists, but I don't generalize men like you've generalized women with your comment.

or perhaps your mother wants you to think she left you .,, how do u know your mom didnt tell her something or threatened her to leave you some moms are bitches

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well at least she got to know your mom...

tomorrow, your fml will be that your mom hooked up with your ex.