By gircos - 30/04/2014 00:10 - United States - Westerly

Today, I learned my girlfriend was cheating on me. After giving her a second chance and meeting her parents for the first time, her father said at the dinner table, "I like the other guy better." FML
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You got 99 problems and the other guy is one.

Sorry OP. Just stay away from their horrid family.


You got 99 problems and the other guy is one.

And so is his self-esteem, now. One: if that was the first time meeting the parents, they weren't together that long. And two: the wording makes it seem like the girfriend told her parents that both parties were well aware of the situation. Much more information is needed with this one.

We don't love these hoes

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Is that from a song?

schhichick 14

Sorry about the last comment that was for something else my real comment was If I were Phil Dunphy I would say 100

51. It is a line of a song

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These hoes ain't loyal!

He's all 99 of 'em, you'll need a machine gun (So much better- Eminem)

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It's more like 96 problems... 96 Quite Bitter Beings

Sorry OP. Just stay away from their horrid family.

It's bad enough that she cheated, but #2 is could someone's parents be okay with cheating?

Maybe they just started dating? People usually don't become exclusive until after dating a while and if it's the first time meeting the parents they might not have been together too long....

It said in the post that OP's girlfriend already cheated once so no I don't think they just started dating.

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I think that #23 is implying that people who are not in a serious relationship may not have exclusive dating arrangements. She may be less serious about the relationship than OP and is exploring her options. Her family may be aware of this, but it's still a dick move of the dad to put it out there like that.

45 - it doesn't state how many times she cheated. Just that she cheated and he have her a second chance for the cheating... Which is implied as once.

You mean ex, right ?

people always say this!

Get a new god damn saying!! Every FML has this effortless comment!

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I agree. OP should just dump her cheating butt. Once a cheater always a cheater.


I would have spat on my plate, then quietly got up and left. No need to stick around after hearing that.

OP's GF is raised as a hoe! Can't change her. Walk away my friend - But don't spit; Your better than that!

Some parents can be dicks :/

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Some GIRLS.are.dicks

This isn't just daddy's fault. OP's girlfriend in this is much more of a dick than her father. Actually, her father probably made things better in the long run so OP won't have to worry about a possible divorce (if OP wanted a serious relationship, I hope he did).

She made the mistake, they got past it and he forgave her and gave her a second chance. This is entirely the dad being a jerk; its not her fault that he said that after everything had been settled, there's no way for her to control what her dad says. I agree with other people here who are saying it sounds like she thought it was casual and he did not. No one flaunts the fact they're cheating I front of other people, especially their parents. So it seems like she was dating them both, thinking it was okay. Once she found out it wasn't and op was upset, she stopped. Then ops dad, not having tact but also probably not realising op had fought with his gf about exclusivity, said what he said. I know this jumps to a lot of conclusions but people don't tend to be complete jerks out of the blue... people are complicated and motivated beings and to think that when someone ***** up that they're just horrible people is a lonely way to live. I think ops gf needs to confront her dad about what he said and then it should be let go. They got past their problems, there's no need for it to escalate when ops gf hasnt done anything again. After all, that's what a second chance is for, right?

#40 well said and I agree completely.

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irrelevant to the fml but I had to - anyone else too lazy to read comments like 40 XD

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He should have said that's what his wife said

Not worth it.

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DUMP THE BITCH!!! no one deserves this!!!

Wow, that means that they first met the other guy first before she introduced her actual boyfriend, that's a really low action OP. I would be careful if I were you !

Unless OP was the 'other' guy and the girlfriend lied about it just to make him feel more significant, while her 'real' boyfriend ditched her because he has standards.

Forget about her OP. You deserve better.

I have never had such low self esteem that I have stayed with a lowlife cheater. Why are you OP?

Why would you give her a second chance? Sorry OP, but your girlfriend (ex I hope) is a cheating *****.

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My sister in law kept taking her ex back every time he cheated on her. It took is 3 years to convince her that he was a douchebag and to find someone better. You can never change a cheater and OP needs to get out of there fast.

People make mistakes, especially early on. I think that if Op wants to give her a second chance, that's his right to give her the benefit of the doubt. If it happens again, then walk out and don't look back.