By leftout - 25/12/2015 05:51 - United States - Whitney

Today, I spent the holiday with my husband's big family. They suggested we take a family picture, but two people were purposely left out of it. I was one of them. FML
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Wow that's so mean. Didn't your husband say anything?

Next year take control of the secret santa and leave everyone else out.


Wow that's so mean. Didn't your husband say anything?

What if the husband also was left out?

Next year take control of the secret santa and leave everyone else out.

Or give everyone else you.

Hmm, nice idea. As #23 said, make all the papers for Secret Santa your name so everyone gives presents to you instead.

You were the lucky one

That's inlaws for ya

Well SOMEONE had to take the pictures.

tantanpanda 26

The 10 second auto feature sounds like it would work too, ya know.

I thought it normal about spouses left out like my mom get left out on my dad side to take the pictures than my dad take it on her side both from big family along with different spouses I don't get this one

thats not normal, whatsoever. a family photo includes your serious partners. if its someone you've been with for a couple months or isnt serious, they can be left out.

It's strange OP was left out. Like whenever my family has special occasions (weddings, bar mitzvah, etc) we always make sure we get some of the photos without boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. It's really weird and kind of rude to leave a wife out.

oreily12 23

For our family photo each holiday, everyone related and every bf or gf is in the photo, irregardless whether they know our family or not. And to be honest I thought that was the norm, so people being left out is bizarre to me.

Absolutely not normal. When they did siblings and stuff sure. But not in an entire family shot.

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The wife becomes the husband's family when they are married, so it's not normal to leave her out of a "family shot".

Photoshop yourself in!

Put us out of our misery OP, who was the second? The cat?

the dog? come on op

OP here- I put who the second person was, but I guess they cut that part out. It was my husbands cousins on-again-off-again baby daddy/boyfriend who got her pregnant in a bar bathroom the very first time they met. I seriously wish I was joking. Sorry for the suspense! Lol

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Damn that sucks :c I'm sorry for you OP

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This reminds me of that Malcolm in the Middle episode where Hal's family intentionally left Lois out of the family picture.

Yep. So it's time to drive their golf cart into the swimming pool.