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Today, I was teasing my 6-year-old sister about having a boyfriend. I asked her, "Did he take his shirt off?" She promptly said no. A few minutes later, she said, "But he did take his pants off." I then asked why. She said, "To show me his penis." FML
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I don't think he meant to do it in a sexual manner... their young children... it's curiosity..

I didn't even know boys had different part than me when I was 6. Wow.


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May want to have a nice sit-down talk about this. We don't need more ***** in this world.

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You didn't even have to ask "why?" on that last bit. Come on now!

Perhaps she expected her to say "to have sex with me. DUH!"

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As long as the "boyfriend" is also just a little kid there's really nothing to get to worked up about. Tell her it' isn't appropriate and move on.

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They didn't specify the age... I certainly hope he wasn't older.

It is time for a new boyfriend. Also, why is the 6 year old rubbing in her face?

Uh... If the guy was older, that would be really creepy.

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I don't even.... Why??? What has this world come to?!!

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Just add this to the list of reasons why there are so many teen pregnancies these days

Not trying to be all serious and annoying, but teen pregnancies have actually gone down. They're just becoming less unheard of and more teens admit it and are open about it. I myself was a teen mom and I have put a lot of research into this topic. But, I do agree that kids this young behaving like that is concerning. Probably because they see sex everywhere. Tv, ads, music, etc. that's what we need to look at. *stepping off of soapbox* :)

Dang I left out a part. I have two young daughters and if/when this happens I'll have a mature conversation with them. I don't believe kids should be sheltered but they should be allowed to be innocent for a while and not overexposed.

I just want to also add that while teen pregnancies have gone down, people are also less mature at that age. Nowadays people still treat 20-year-olds like kids. Not too long ago teenagers had full time jobs and were treated like adults.

I agree somewhat. You can't really generalize all teens that way. I had a full time job and school, as well as most of my classmates. But I agree with the 20 year olds getting treated like kids.

109- really? We are having a mature conversation, and your comment on their profile picture, with the possible intention of flirting with the person. But in any case, as a twelve year old, I can agree to this. In third grade, people were already talking about sex. But I feel guilty, because I was the little shit who told everyone about it.

Please stop. Just. No. This is not a new phenomenon. And I actually find your implication of this being strange behavior sort of odd. Doctor? You show me yours, I'll show you mine? Ringing any bells for you?

It's a sad world we live in, when not only are six year olds "dating" but they are showing each other their privates... I'm sorry for your loved one having to grow up in such an overly sexualized society.

Kids have played doctor like this since the beginning of time. They're just curious about the opposite sex, it's really nothing to worry about.

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Until she ends up pregnant as a teenager. The Op never mentioned playing doctor.

Totally agree. People aren't born knowing to be modest. They have no idea why they're supposed to stay covered. All they're interested in is that their friend looks different "down there". "Sexual Organs" don't even register as "sexy" to people until they start going through puberty. The responsible adult who finds out that a child has made a "discovery" has only one job at that point. Make sure the child understands that those are "no-no" zones and educate them in an age appropriate manner as to why.

Uh, when I was young, I definitely partook in "show me yours, I'll show you mine", as I'm sure young children have done ever since the invention of clothes. It's not a generational thing whatsoever. A 6 year old isn't going to be concerned about sex, and most don't even understand what it is at that age. It's purely due to curiosity and it's completely innocent :)

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Am I the only one who never "played house" as a kid? o.o

I was probably around the same age when at my daycare a few of us partook in "Show me yours I'll show you mine". It's not like a 6 year old thinks "oh that's hot let's have sex now", it's just curiosity. Also, I'm almost 22, engaged, and no babies to speak of, so anyone who says she'll be a teen mom is just overly conservative. Our parents were informed of the situation, and we all got our lessons on private areas, and that was that.

I doubt that it's the society that pushed him to take off his pants in front of her. He's six years old, it was obviously nothing more than curiosity.

#27 , I disagree. How is it a bad thing for a child to know how its own body works?

Am I the only one here who never played "doctor" and didn't know guys and girls had different parts UNTIL sex ed in grade 5?

99, maybe. I actually find that pretty surprising.

99- we are alike in a way. I have known about the parts and how they are pleasuring, but never seen someone else's. it is torture to have to wait at least wait thirteen years for sex. Six more years. And no, I will/have not masturbated.

Where did 27 say that children shouldn't know how their bodies work?

In my opinion, show me yours nd I'll show you mine is different than "you are my boyfriend, show me your penis" it's different than just general curiosity when they throw in that they are "dating". Now I understand that dating at that age is holding hands on the playground and sharing your snack, and that that isn't entirely a bad thing (I had a "boyfriend" at that age) but the way this fml is written and the way I took it is that they showed their privates because they are dating because that is what they believe you do when you're in a relationship. That's what I meant by an over sexualized society.

I saw my first penis at 5 cause I asked a classmate (who was also my "boyfriend" at the time) to show me why he got to use a different bathroom. 14 years later, I'm not, have never been, planning on never being pregnant.

Uh, it never says she had a boyfriend. It says her sister was teasing her about having one. When I was little, my older brother used to tease me and my best friend (who happened to be a girl) about being together. That could be the case here.

I agree. I used to play house with my cousin and neighbors lol. whats sad is I knew about sex at the age of 3, so I knew that boys had a different peepee area than me. lol. I never looked at the neighor boys sexually at that age but I would flash them often going "LOOK I HAVE NO PENIS!!!"

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They start so young these days...

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I believe I still though girls were something to avoid like the plague at 6...

I was just surprised she didn't say she lost her virginity based on a lot of these FML posts.

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I would sit her down and immediately have a talk with her. If she thinks she's old enough to date, she's old enough to have that awkward sex talk.

SHE'S SIX. This isn't real dating and it wasn't about sex. This is two little kids playing at dating, like when you get 'married' in nursery, and they were likely just curious. It's completely natural for that age. I'm not against kids knowing certain things about sex if they ask but a six-year-old does NOT need a full on sex talk. Adults not being able to distinguish between children being children and teen mums is just sad and much more likely to help warp a child's perspective on the matter than some innocent peeking down there.

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Haha yeah they're just playing. More than likely they're just friends but they call each other boy/girlfriend. Most they probably do is hold hands. I had a friend who had a "boyfriend" in elementary school for 3 years. They never talked during the summer but when school started up they werw always together again.

she's six. besides sharing juice boxes under the school slide, that's probably the farthest she'll go with him

I didn't even know boys had different part than me when I was 6. Wow.

That's complete true. I wasn't even interested to know if there was a difference because I was so convinced that boys smelled funny and had germs. I was too busy playing with my barbie dolls and holding tea-parties, and all the boys my age were always preoccupied with mud and some sort of sports ball.

You obviously didn't have any male relatives or family friends around your age then

Lol. When I was six I never even thought about it

I don't think he meant to do it in a sexual manner... their young children... it's curiosity..

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Doesnt matter , she's 6 . Imagine when shes 14 &' pregnant , " being curious " isnt an excuse .

Curiosity is a part of childhood. That doesn't mean she's going to get pregnant at 14.

LookAttMyyLifee 12

I don't think it was in a sexual way either. When i was 6 a boy showed me his penis & I'm 24 now & I've never been pregnant

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Children are very curious. That is why everything goes in the mouth: lots of touch receptors on the lips. And yes, changing diapers kids sometimes touch themselves south of the belt. They aren't doing it sexually, they are trying to explore and learn about this body they are in. One of the greatest gifts is that in-borne curiosity children are born with. But this girl is WAY TOO YOUNG to experience this. And yes, you can get pregnant at that age and yes, it can happen before menarche (first period). She needs to be more adult to cope with sexual thoughts and feelings. If her mind is out of sync with her body it can lead to depression/mental illness.

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Really, #18? Children - well, humans in general - are naturally curious. It doesn't mean a damn 6-year-old was trying to be sexual, it means they were doing what plenty of humans have done throughout the years.

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57-Your opinion just makes you look dumb. I did this with my neighbor when I was little. We were damn curious, not acting sexually. And guess what? I'm perfectly fine, so is she, and neither of us have gotten/got anyone pregnant.

LookAttMyyLifee 12

Does it make me look dumb ? No , I look the same. Im very sensitive to this topic , because at 6 , I was forced to see a penis . I was sexually abused for years , so you have no right to judge me. I did get pregnant & was forced to have an abortion at 13 , so don't be saying anything about me , because you dont know what Ive been through.

MzZombicidal 36

Yes, at 6. CHILDREN are curious. They explore and experiment. Like I said, it's something people have done for years. Haven't you heard about "playing doctor"? You're being dumb in assuming that every child that does this is going to end up pregnant as a teen. Things like that happening usually end up in careless mistakes, not from seeing the opposite sex at a young age.

MzZombicidal 36

From what we know, all she did was see his penis. No one said anything about being sexually abused. They were just being curious kids. On a side note, I'm very sorry all of those horrible things happened to you at a young age.

You still look like an idiot. Where's it say she was forced, eh? Whether you're sensitive or not, kids are curious, and just because YOU'RE sensitive, does not make this a big issue. And just because YOU got knocked up, does not mean she will. Mk? Now go cry somewhere else. Also, your little story means nothing on the internet. Anyone can make something up.

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No I haven't heard of it , because while other 6 year olds were playing doctor , I was seeing the gyneologist. Your so insensitive , I wasnt implying that everyone gets pregnant &' its not true , people do not just get pregnant from careless mistakes.

LookAttMyyLifee 12

True , but it worries me & I dont want anything similar to happen . Im just scared &' I may have went to far &' Im sorry also.

You really shouldn't project your sexual experience on to other children. Im sure many people you know experiment with other children or walked in on another kid of the opposite sex using the bathroom and therefore knew that men and women have different genetalia at an early age. Judging as how this was TWO CHILDREN, with no adult involvement you're making huge leaps of logic as to how this will eventually lead to sexually promiscuous behavior at a young age. While you have a right to express your opinion, you do sound ignorant assuming a little girl is going to become some kind of sexual deviant because she was curious about a little boy. You also sound like you need a lot of therapy.

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I meant teenagers that randomly get knocked up. Apparently you're the sensitive one. Things like this will always happen. It's how they discover themselves and others. That's all there is to it.

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Is that why your FML name is "LookAttMyyLifee" ? Seriously go get one to look at cz you're just another person on this site and if ANYONE EVEN CARED about what happened to you as a kid someone would of asked and even if you say not to judge you someone will so just STFU cz you sound so freakin ignorant AND to top it all off you wanna make people feel sorry for you ?! Ha ! Gtfo here .. xD many get pregnant and go what you go thru ok but not everyone plays the victim get over yourself .. It's not like the two 6 year olds were groping at eachother and having sex.. Honestly just stop it's curiosity something EVERYONE HAS.

Then what exactly were you implying? All you've seem to done is make yourself look dumb.

How do you know he wasn't older? It never states it on the fml.

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When I was her age I thought all boys were built like Ken dolls. Shame kids lose their innocence at such a young age now.

ViviMage 38

With plastic briefs you can't take off or did you had the older totally nude but no junk model?

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They were interested in the difference between each other "down there". It wasn't a loss of innocence.