By gng2fckngkilluyoufckngfckr - 03/08/2012 18:31 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, I found out that my girlfriend has been cheating on me. I also found out that my best friend knew about it all along. When I confronted him, he tried to justify the betrayal by saying that she paid him to keep quiet. FML
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Well I understand if she paid him. (sarcastic of course.)

Sound like you'll be a friend and girlfriend short after this. But that's just one less thing you'll have to worry about.


Bonzer 2

Atleast she wasn't cheating with him. Or was she?

OP did refer to him as his "best friend". So technically, he is... Anyways, If OP is smart, that will change. A true friend have told OP right away for his own good.

I would have taken the money and told OP anyways. Serves that bitch right.

LMFAOwned 9

Based on your username, OP, don't do anything you'll regret. Just egg her house or key her car or something.

Psych101 9

Yes, based on his username, OP isn't quite over the recent double betrayal. Stay calm, OP, stay calm.

17-I love your profile pic! Made my day!

Sound like you'll be a friend and girlfriend short after this. But that's just one less thing you'll have to worry about.

I meant to add this: "Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship." -Buddha Look for that OP, and you'll be fine.

LMFAOwned 9

Wouldn't it be 2 less things he's worried about?

Guess his friend never heard the quote 'bros before hoes' On the other hand I would take the money and then tell my friend about his cheating gf - that's the way to treat a cheater! :-)

Trix_Disorder 20

Apparently it's a pretty common thing; all of my friends knew my ex got with my best friend in high school. Their defense? It was his or her responsibility to tell me. It's easy to say "dump all of your friends" when you're not in the situation.

From my experience, I have lost many many friends by informing them of their cheating SO. In the end, many have decided to give him/her a second chance and that just caused resentment towards me knowing about the events. I now keep my mouth shut and mind my own business. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

mhopper 13

The best way to do it is anonymously. That way it can't be traced back to you.

You know, Im not sure the friend is all that bad, considering he might have some anger issues. If OP has been known to lash out before then I certainly wouldnt want to tell him

Well I understand if she paid him. (sarcastic of course.)

bossroyd 4

Ya prostitutes get paid to do what they do so it's ok *continued sarcasm*

Waka_Flocka_ 3

And i said what about, breakfast at Tiffany's

Waka_Flocka_ 3

And i said what about, breakfast at Tiffany's

I think that would be the not sarcastic understanding among my friends. If there's money involved, it's not your fault.

Personally I would take the hush money and tell him anyway. This may be why no one trusts me...

hahasooo 2

#3 good thing you put that u were being sarcastic, if not i bet people would have thumed u down.

92- I wrote it as sarcastic and I re-read it as sarcasm. As I was about to post it I realized sarcasm doesn't travel through text. That's actually why I put that.

damn that ain't cool. How much is friendship worth to that guy cause to me its worth 65,000 dollars

Bonzer 2

I would go as low as 20,000. But thats it.

OhDearBetrayal 25

If you can put a price tag on a friendship, you're doing it wrong.

43- I can: Honesty + Loyalty = Priceless friend for life. Dishonesty + Betrayer = Less than the effort required to call you a douche bag. See? No problem. ;)

48- you said you could put a price tag on it, but then you said =priceless, oxymoron alert. :o

OhDearBetrayal 25

48- If you can't say your friendship is priceless, then it's not a friendship.

Shadowvoid 33

Sell friendship for $1,000,000. Halfs with friend, all better.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Find a new best friend and a new girlfriend. He's an asshole and she's a bitch.

slimshadey 5

He must've been paid a lot to keep this from you

ImmaB3AST 7

Or he's possibly just a douche.

welandedonthemoo 5

Had the same thing happen to me. Only she was having sex with my friend too to stay quiet. Hard to trust any one now a days.

trippythehippy 6

Makes me wonder how she paid him... Bet she was getting the deposits. Nobody pays me in @um

perdix 29

Yeah, that's how blackmail works. You can't expect the victims to pay if you are going to blab it anyways. However, you should demand a cut of the booty.

Depends on which booty we're talking about.

perdix 29

Now you know why I chose booty over loot ;)

perdix 29

#25 had to go right under #15 or it would make less sense.