By a single fuck - 23/05/2013 16:40 - Germany - Berlin

Today, my girlfriend actually yelled, "Why are you making this all about YOU?!" after I confronted her over cheating on me. FML
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Sheesh OP, why'd you have to go and be all selfish?! Personal feelings? Pfft


oj101 33

I believe that was already established in tygerarmy's comment above.

Why is 2 getting thumbed down? His and 1's comment were posted at the same exact ******* time. Give him a break, shit.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

The only break I ever got was when I bought that Kat-Kat bar..

nah twix is better it pauses time till you know what you're suppose to do

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Remind me to only go on fml while at the grocery store.

Hey 51, only sign onto fml while in a grocery store. There, my good deed for the day is complete.

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I STAY signed on. I just Go into the app lol but whatever ill just put it your way next time since I seem to be having a thumbs down spree in here. I think I was better off when I would just read, laugh n "sign out" lol

I thumbed you up for what it's worth :D

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See what I mean. I must not be very likeable lol. Good thing nobody knows me here so I'm gonna keep speaking my mind :)

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And thanks btw. I returned the favor :)

Sheesh OP, why'd you have to go and be all selfish?! Personal feelings? Pfft

"Oh I'm sorry, it isn't about 'me'; it's about 'us.' As in 'OUR relationship' is over."

Classic deflection method. Blow through that shit and let her have it.

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You can do better than that you deserve better

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Just end it man, move on to someone more appreciative.

OP you are just so selfish, let her have her fun that's all that matters Note: sarcasm