By mikey51 - 10/03/2012 01:56 - Australia

Today, I was taking a dump, when my dad shouted for me to go wash the dishes. Fed up with his constant shit, I told him to bite me. He took this as an invitation to wedge the bathroom door shut for nearly two hours, despite all my pleas and apologies. FML
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kut17 11

If I talked to my parents like that, I would consider getting locked in a bathroom as getting off easy.

singerlove 14

Because the dishes are SO hard to do...


SxeDaze 13

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chickenwalrus 14

Its the other way around Dumbass!! the dad locked him in the bathroom for talking shit to his dad and had enough of OPs shit

FruityLoooons 8

"Fed up with his constant shit..." It appears so, 1. It appears so.

BarDownDaily 12

You overreacted to him asking you to do the dishes. And he retaliated by overreacting to your overreaction.

1, if you're really a 19 yr old man...why would you use a picture of an overweight 10 yr old boy as your profile picture....just saying, makes you seem kinda pedo, & your comment was what we'd expect from a disrespectful 13 yr old girl (itskaylabitch is a good example).

49- I was about to type the same thing until I saw yours. There's no way he's 19 based on the picture/comment.

Really? You guys think he deserved it? From reading the FML I get the impression that OP's dad is a total **** a lot of the time. And to be locked in a bathroom for two hours? Just for talking back? That's way too much right there.

SxeDaze 13

I just wanted to leave a comment and see how many thumbs down I would get. I intentionally used the shittiest pun I could think of, Judging by all the negativity I think my experiment was a success!!

Leave Gibby alone.... Wait did i say Gibby? I meant SxeDaze

57- You know that's not actually him, right? That picture has been floating around on the Internet for awhile now and is a prime example of how retarded "gangsters" can look, even at 10.

"From reading the FML I get the impression that OP's dad is a total **** a lot of the time. " Well, it might be that OP's dad is a despotic bastard, yelling at OP every time... but it also might be that OP is a spoiled brat with no respect to their dad ;) It really can be either way.

I think his pictures funny, I wouldn't mind one of those cookie monster hats myself. :)

kut17 11

If I talked to my parents like that, I would consider getting locked in a bathroom as getting off easy.

If I said that, my dad would have disemboweled me. With a spoon. And then still made me do the dishes anyway.

And make you pay him for the bullets he used?

detroitsucks247 3
Blackmail111 9

And for the software updates he installed the day before?

And read your FML status about you complaining to was dishes in a YouTube video that millions seen?

tjv3 10

Well maybe it's time for you to move out if you can't take his rules. You should respect your dad

It isn't until ones parents are gone till they realize their true value.

Ya same. But they did say they were fed up with their parent's shit. So there might have been problems at home. Idk

Yeah he raised his kid on 'bite me' instead of '**** you'.

Mister_Triangle 21

I misread your comment as "fist class dad" which would have been funnier for you to say

Why would I say "fist class dad"? And how would that have been funnier?

What exactly do you mean first class?

I'd have preferred the bite over two hours locked in the bathroom

I wouldn't have minded two hours. As long as I had my Android with the FML app :)

There probably was but op is too stupid.

xDollyLove 3

Or it was in the middle of the first floor with no window like it is in my house.

And then what would he do... go for a fking jog???

omfg_creepers 8
jarednt39 5

I think you meant "way to stick it to the man" school of rock reference?

70 - Because they do it every ******* day and they are tired of it.

singerlove 14

Because the dishes are SO hard to do...

Ask my husband and he'll tell you they're terribly hard. There's the washing, then the rinsing, the drying and then the putting away! That's a lot of steps!

If it ain't hard then why most of the women complain about doing it. Just saying

kickassblackbelt 0

70- First of all, ain't is not a word. Secondly, if men took more initiative and helped around the house, I doubt we would say it's hard. It's the fact that they don't help which makes it really hard. The chores start adding up. It's not like men are the only ones who go to work...

Because all men don't do work around the house.

Actually, ain't IS a word. Pretty sure it's in the dictionary so...and a lot of guys i know, don't do crap around the house. Take my dad and brother, they don't do shit. Just complain when things aren't done or nobody does the chores my brother is supposed to do.

Well his taking a dump at the moment so he obviously can't just get up and do the dishes, make his dad wait a few minutes.

cobaltss06 1

Ain't is a word. Check the dictionary bitch

tdawg4200 0

87. Look it up in the dictionary.

tdawg4200 0

Way to overgeneralize 87. Just because men don't want to help YOU doesn't mean we all suck. I swept AND did the dishes today. So take your manhating rhetoric out of here. Nobody cares.

They can be if you have a bad back. My parents now ask me to do other chores instead since the last time I did the dishes the pain left me in tears.

I don't find it hard, I'm just another lazy ass who doesn't want to give up 10 minutes to chores

WhoaItsKiernan 4

^^I love how your picture goes perfect with this FML

70 - Because they do it every ******* day, and they're tired of it.

I do the dishes every day it's not that hard

weird not often you get stuck in a room because of how the door generally opens

Ya don't most bathroom doors open inward?

If it did all the dad had to do was tie a bit of string around the doorknob then tie it to something else. I've done it many a time to my brother in revenge for some of his more douche-canoey antics.

Did you still have to do the dishes after that?

If OP didn't then the whole point for locking him in there would have been in vain. I doubt OP's dad would have allowed him out without still doing the dishes.

holly1398 5

omg I loveeeee ur picture(: #JustinBieberIsEvenMoreDeliciousAsABaby

At least I'm not the only one who thought he came off a bit girly...