By Dobby123 - 08/11/2009 20:44 - Mexico

Today, I was falling asleep on my desk, my head on my fist. My elbow slipped off the edge of the desk and I punched myself, leaving a fist mark on my cheek. At school, people think my parents hit me. My parents think I'm getting bullied at school. No one believes the actual story. FML
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Dobby123 tells us more.

For those who don't get it, beside my desk is a table a little bit lower than the desk. When my elbow hit that, it stopped, but my head kept on going and technically my face hit my fist, although my fist also hit my face. Sorry couldn't put that in the story, we can only write 300 characters, so yeah. I still have no idea how I could've hit my face so hard I got a mark :(

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Your physics would work if the head was a free object, but it's kinda attached to a neck. So yes, it's perfectly valid that your elbow could go first, followed by your head once your body slumped over after it was knocked off balance. Kind of like kicking the stool out from under a man about to be hung from the gallows.

That's just awesome. I mean, for us. Not so much for you.


That's just awesome. I mean, for us. Not so much for you.

greenltrn2003 0 would be... But im jus trynna work this one out in my head, you know the ol' play by play. So far, I got nothin...the physics on this one are all ****** up. Im against calling FML posts fake, so i'll jus throw this on in wit the wtf pile.

Makes total sense since it has happened to me. The elbow slips so your arms falls first with the fist closed, then your head falls hard on your fist.

Dude, this is stolen right out of Malcolm in the Middle

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just because it happened to you doesnt mean it makes total sense...the way you described it still makes no sense But I got it!!! His elbow slipped and while his head was falling, he jerked his hand back up to his face resulting in the punch to the mug. I WIN

i get the physics in this, the elbow falls off so, in surprise, he tries to "catch" his head... with his fist.

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This is fake and from Malcolm in the Middle, but I've done it twice giving me a fat lip then a bloody nose

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I wouldn't. That's just silly. :]

Haha you got bullied? I **** myself in the ass with a steel ***** twice nightly. Who has bigger problems, I ask.

hahahahha im sorry to laugh but thats pretty f*ckin funny.

f*cking?? this is ******* FML for ***** sake, no need to be polite with a * in-between

next thing you know you'll be walking into doors and "falling"

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Ive dont both of those xD FAIL

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They'll also suddenly be into sports and getting hit by balls all the time.

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@33..... My gf isnt into sports and she complains bout getting hit by balls all the time.... : (

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You know what an amazing talent is? Falling upstairs.

Thats pretty funny, sometimes you just have to laugh at the clumsy ones. sorry.... lol.........

Well when it passes then they'll see that it's not always there and hopefully realize that you were telling the truth. If a teacher calls in your parents will deny it and be confused since they think someone is bullying you and that should clear things up at home, I'm sure at school they'll think your parents are lying... But it's not so ******, it's not like you're grounded for being bullied just both parties think you're getting beaten when you're not.

O.o Holy hell. For someone falling asleep you punched pretty hard...

Sad to say that actually happened to me! But I was lucky and it didn't leave a bruise lolz I punched myself in the nose and it hurttt! :P

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I think what OP means is that his elbow was resting on the table, and his forearm was protruding up, and then his face was on his closed fist, about a foot off the table. Then, his elbow slid off the edge of the table. causing his arm to not be able to support his head anymore, then his fist and arm hit the table, followed by his head. therefore, his head hit his fist hard enough to leave a mark. do you get it yet?

I don't get it... Your elbow slipped and went down, and hit you in the face, which was above your fist? Someone explain.

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I don't get it either. The desk would be the first thing his face would hit.

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I don't understand it either. If you are asleep, and you're face is on your fist, your elbow slipping off of the desk wouldn't make you punch would just make your hand move, and surely not hard enough to bruise your cheek. There would be a big red spot on your cheek because of it laying on your fist, but that would be all...or so I would think...

Maybe he was hold himself up by the front of his face rather than the side so when his elbow slipped it went off to the side and made contact before the desk. I don't know, just guessing:/

My bet would be that as his elbow slipped off the desk, he probably smacked that area around the joint, which sent a good shock through his arm which is what probably woke him up. And then, when he woke up, his first reaction was probably to jerk his arm back up. At the same time, while he was asleep, he was probably supporting his head on his fist, so when it slipped off the desk, it too fell. He most likely didn't have time to move his head out of the way of his fist. Of course, that's only my speculation on what could have happened. But since people seem confused on the matter, I thought I might offer a plausible scenerio.