By green and not with envy - 13/06/2014 20:17 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my dad called me into the bathroom, saying "Get a load of this shit, son" and forcing me to look at the biggest, foulest-smelling turd I have ever seen in my life in the toilet. It's been three hours and I still feel physically ill. FML
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infected150 27

Im sorry to hear that, dads will be dads.


infected150 27

Im sorry to hear that, dads will be dads.

Just eat loads of Tbell and repay the favor to him.

Is your dad's name Randy Marsh OP?

EphMi 5

WTF, #1, what kind of dad or any human being would do such a thing, that's just sick.

Well, for starters, OP's dad would do that.

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking of South Park when they read this.

incoherentrmblr 21

I guess he was in his sixth turdmester...

Taco Bell, or he could drink coca cola and eat beans and then eat cooked ground beef with chicken noodles. Sit next to him and fart he will die xD

ztress 10

If OP is old enough, revenge: beer+cheetos

I think there's something wrong with your dad...

badluckalex 23

I thought that having big ***** meant that you are healthy? no sarcasm here. thats what I have always been told

I think she meant that OP's dad has too much fiber in his diet.

Just because you made a healthy turd does not make it ok to show it to others

savy_m 14

Well you're just shit out of luck.

Is there a way we can get shit puns officially banned?

Respect101 17

bowl is what you it eat out of.. or go bowling. One letter my friend... one letter...

BlueFlatts 20

He or she probably edited the comment making the following guy look like an idiot.

You only have I think 90 seconds to edit your comment after you publish it...

Well , if you end up barfing you dinner , you can always call your dad.. "Hey Dad, get a load of this ! " Preferably before he eats something.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being as yucky as you can get, I'd give it a 10. Poor you OP!

BlueFlatts 20

How could you rate it unless you were there.

The situation, not the actual shit. I'd have no desire to rate that...

joefrazier 20

I do the same thing to my sister. Just think of it as family bonding.

Well,atleast he made a big(and smelly) impact on your life