By unknown - 13/12/2011 02:04 - United States

Today, my dad walked in on me using the bathroom. After rushing out, he yelled at me through the door for not locking it. He made up the "no locking the doors inside the house" rule. FML
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Um I have a no door locked policy at my house but I'm smart enough to realize it doesn't extend to the bathroom.

It's okay spelling bee contestant.



No more locked doors! Thank you.

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im sure he meant all doors BUT the washroom door, ahaa

Next Friday! Gracias ;)

yeah I agree with number 8 the bathroom doesn't apply.. you should know that

Yeah that rule doesnt apply to the bathroom

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8, you douchebag

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Y u no lock door? ?(????)

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Sorry for the extra question marks, i tried to put the face to go with it..

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Hey ;)

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Hypocritical* And OP, just do the same thing to him..


Sorry spelling bee judge

It's okay spelling bee contestant.

Haha touché

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The bathroom door shouldn't apply to that rule..

Can't win either way.

Um I have a no door locked policy at my house but I'm smart enough to realize it doesn't extend to the bathroom.

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Isn't there a universal rule to knock if the door is closed? Knock, wait for response, proceed. Not that complicated.

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but the door is closed. should least assume someone would be in there, its called common sense

Most likely applied to the bedrooms and not the restrooms...

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I had a similar policy at my house, but then I became a teenager.

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Giggedy giggedy goo

On the floor

Common sense people. Common sense.

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if the door is shut knock and if no reply say is anyone im there or just walk away lol. @DAD

I'd hate to live in your house. I think everyone needs a little privacy. I don't understand why some parents would have that rule. Unless the child was an endangerment to themselves?

If it happens once,hummm,ok. If it happens again,give dad something to look at,then call him a perv. Lol

You, mister.. Are DISGUSTING