By Niles - 20/03/2012 17:46 - Canada - North Vancouver

Today, I was taking a shower, when my dad decided to turn off the water to the house, run upstairs, and throw a bucket of freezing cold sludge into the shower with me. He wouldn't turn the water back on for 2 hours. FML
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Freezing cold sludge? He obviously had that in the freezer waiting for you and had been planning this for a long time. This will require revenge of epic proportions. If your revenge doesn't involve prostitutes, the mafia, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I'll be very disappointed.

Your dad is evil.


shantazat 0


Yeah, okay. I feel sooooo informed after reading that...

Nice first comment. It definitely exemplifies your brilliance in crafting a comment that is so wonderfully appealing that it blows everyone's eyes out.

Your dad is evil.

olpally 32

Sounds like a family guy episode, but only in real life this time... Lol, fyl op, what a dick

Get your dad back by turning on the sprinklers when he is cutting the lawn.

take a dump on your dad then say "who needs water NOW" Eh? Eh.

JocelynKaulitz 28

That's pretty messed, But could it also be that maybe you're just taking showers that are too long, or using too much water, perhaps?

17 Was that because OP lives in Canada, eh? Eh? If so, well played.

TheElderTROLLZ 15

He's not evil! He's mega-uber-unbelievably evil! Or awesome for others. Whatever strikes your fancy.

n_epic_fail 14

He's just initiated war. It's your right to do anything it takes to win.... Show no mercy.

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And the prank war begins ...

#9 that's it! He's been watching too much Family Guy! :p (sorry if that sounded better in my head)

#9 ahahaha, love the pic... I have an almost identical pic in about the same seats from a Hawks vs. Lightning game.

SnipeFatPeople 6

Haha his dad is awesome. If he did that to me, I'd be mad until very thing was over. That's hilarious!

RochelleRedvines 8

That's when you take a nap on his bed, sludge and all.

stewpididiot 11

Yep... 1/2 hour jack off sessions in the shower can really run the bills up...Op will realize that when he's paying the gas & water bills.

17 Dude, no that's just gay.

Pics or it didn't happen

Later did he know sludge and cold water will clog the drain lol

This is natural,

touchesthelight 8

I have to agree with #126. You should have laid on your dad's bed and rolled all over it until you cleaned yourself off!

I just realized that 118 was the one who got more happy birthday's on his **** account than on FaceBook.

Sludge? Gross. Sorry OP. your dads hilariously a douche

OP, why would you not lock the door?

thiscrazything 1

So what did you do to piss him off so bad?

I honestly don't understand why any sane, normally functioning person would even think of doing this.

Mid-life crisis ?

Just roll in his bed.

Turn the water on yourself?

thejewishfuhrer 17

Your dad sounds like quite a character. He would be welcome on USA.

Your picture says it all

I think he means USA Network. Their slogan is 'Characters Welcome'.

KiddNYC1O 20

26 people don't have USA network...

Hey. Look on the bright side ... Yea I couldn't think of one either.

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I don't think anyone deserves that, how gross, but I do wonder what OP did to provoke the situation. I call prank war!

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idiot no one deservers tht

It's little bitches like you that end up putting hundreds of YDIs on FMLs where the OPs were completely innocent. I hope you're happy when you think that they deserve that, because I think I see a shadow with a bucket full of icy sludge coming up behind you.

Damn it. Sorry for accidentally liking your ridiculously stupid comment.

Freezing cold sludge? He obviously had that in the freezer waiting for you and had been planning this for a long time. This will require revenge of epic proportions. If your revenge doesn't involve prostitutes, the mafia, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I'll be very disappointed.

I would be surprised if you could actually even use the Canadian Mounted Police, Mafia, or Prostitutes in any form of revenge.

20 - With that kind of attitude, you never will.

20- It takes a few phone calls and a hefty amount of bacon, but it's a perfectly plausible course of action. I can say from experience that it works like a charm. The toothpaste cap is always on, the toilet seat is always down, but my boyfriend started wanting me to call him "Boss" and there's always glitter in the sink...

Beebow_fml 5

50- I wish I could pay prostitutes with bacon :(

53- You really aren't required to pay them unless you actually use them, so we have yet to pay a prostitute with bacon. They're there purely for the "moral support" of the Mounted policemen.

DaKillaMafia 2

Don't worry, I will help you in your epic revenge.

TheDrifter 23

Can he substitute regular Italian guys in a cadillac if there are no real mafiosa handy Doc? Op can double up on the hookers and RCMP to compensate.

75- I never thought about substituting regular Italian guys for the Mafia! To think, I've been shooting people with this broken gun that doesn't make any noise for these two guys who make me kiss their rings afterward. Your method seems less stress-inducing, by far.

TheDrifter 23

Happy to help. I'm sure Vinny and Antonio from the construction company would be cheaper to hire for a revenge prank. Come to think of it, they DO always seem to know a good piling hole that's about to be filled with concrete too...

Or just get out of the shower, covered in sludge, and roll in his bed.

I got an uncle in the RCMP if he needs it ;P

Bellaxmonkeyx, you may not know me, but we're to be wed soon.

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Doc, it seems like every time you comment, it ends up a top comment

This is worse than 1guy 1jar and 2girls 1cup put together...

God damnit why the FUCK do people make these references??? XP

Shut up. Just Shut up. Why? 1) Two Girls One Cup was hilarious. 2) Nobody wants to read your irrelevant shit.

how relevant?

CurryisforGs - your comment was unnecessarily obnoxious. I must disagree with the first (and last) sentence of your profile.

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I can't forget it if you keep talking about it! It seems like you people actually like that shit. . .

bizarre_ftw 21

It's an attraction to the shock factor

Maybe he's going through his mid-life crisis? He needs the thrill of being an asshole!

If that's the case, my dad must be going through a perpetual mid-life crisis...

Get. Rid. Of. Slimy. girlS. FTW! Legitimately i am named after this comic strip (my actual name is calvin)

Ah, fun! Sludge is the BEST. That sucks, man. FYL for sure!