By obtuse_ballsack - Croatia - Zagreb
Today, I desperately needed to pee, but my mom was in the bathroom taking a shower, so I waited patiently until she finished. Just as I was about to go in, my half-naked dad rushed ahead, said "Going somewhere, son?" and shut the door on me. FML
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  egc573  |  40

18, your comment reminds me of my dad. Being that there was only one bathroom (when our large family was staying over for Christmas, no less), my resourceful father decided to improvise, as only a man could do in that situation.

Long story short, I woke up to the sound (and, unfortunately, sight) of my dad pissing into an empty bottle. Good times.

  AliSama  |  17

#1 go to a local fast food place etc and pee. It would not take long.
#2 it is your dad. Knock on door say dad I have to pee. Nothing wrong with using the bathroom when someone else is in the shower. People do this a lot . Unless you're pee shy.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

It's more likely that he just clicked on the "d" rather than the "s" by mistake. No point in correcting typos (one doesn't simply learn to proofread) but good job educating the masses on proper "your" usage. Learning is never a bad thing.

  kevinn95  |  0

2- my thoughts exactly at first i was like dam that sucks but when he said son the first thought in my head was go piss outside or in a bottle retard -.-


Girls can pee outside too... they just have to be willing to.
(Edit: that sounds ultra creepy. I'm a girl and I do not have a pee fetish. I do bushcraft every now and then. Sometimes a 'toilet' is just a spot on the ground which I cover with leaves each time.)

  wlddog  |  14

Exactly. What's has happened to kids today? I used to walk out of the house simply so I could piss and not have my mom ask me if I closed the lid.