By obtuse_ballsack - 04/06/2012 20:37 - Croatia - Zagreb

Today, I desperately needed to pee, but my mom was in the bathroom taking a shower, so I waited patiently until she finished. Just as I was about to go in, my half-naked dad rushed ahead, said "Going somewhere, son?" and shut the door on me. FML
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nightowl713 25

Well, while it may not be ideal, your a guy do you could always pee outside right?

That sucks, if only you had another bathroom


That sucks, if only you had another bathroom

JocelynKaulitz 28

You're a guy, guys can pee almost anywhere! Take your chances and find a bush!

DontModMeDammit 10

"ya dad just was on my way outside."

kayla_ann0o 9

Piss in the kitchen sink and go back to bed

"Gee dad. Thanks for being as big a dick as mine is cause I have to piss!!! *pisses on the door. Walks off* mother f*****."


if you're a guy, nature is your bathroom

1 bathroom, 4 sisters at my house. I often find myself pissing behind the woodshed.

egc573 40

18, your comment reminds me of my dad. Being that there was only one bathroom (when our large family was staying over for Christmas, no less), my resourceful father decided to improvise, as only a man could do in that situation. Long story short, I woke up to the sound (and, unfortunately, sight) of my dad pissing into an empty bottle. Good times.

The answers quite simple really, I'm sure there's a plant in your home that could use a good watering :P

klovemachine 24

Just pee on the floor and say that your dad did it :D

aaahhhfire21 0

Say yah right here and piss all over the door walls and floor

Tell him to wait his turn. Or barge in and use the restroom. If he locked door kick it down, he did that just to mess with you so mess back.

ThisIsMyReign 4

Find your way to the sink and have at it! Also, OP he is your dad shove back!

#1 go to a local fast food place etc and pee. It would not take long. #2 it is your dad. Knock on door say dad I have to pee. Nothing wrong with using the bathroom when someone else is in the shower. People do this a lot . Unless you're pee shy.

18- Through the crack of the bathroom door would be better, actually.

Am I the only one who imagined the dad as Trollface while reading this?

AllThatHit 7

haha I did too. I was actually scrolling down the comments to see if anyone mentioned trolldad

Or you open the door and stare at him till he is finished. Rest assured you will always be first for the bathroom after that.

nightowl713 25

Well, while it may not be ideal, your a guy do you could always pee outside right?

nightowl713 25

Sometimes auto correct changes "so" to "do." Let that one slide.

kandi_kid69 15

Got to love auto correct, right?

It's more likely that he just clicked on the "d" rather than the "s" by mistake. No point in correcting typos (one doesn't simply learn to proofread) but good job educating the masses on proper "your" usage. Learning is never a bad thing.

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kevinn95 0

2- my thoughts exactly at first i was like dam that sucks but when he said son the first thought in my head was go piss outside or in a bottle retard -.-

itsame0987 18

52. My autocorrect always changes so to do for some odd reason. Very irritating.

One of the great advantages of being a male is being able to pee freely. You coulda walked outside OP. you coulda peed anywhere.

Autocorrect changes to most commonly used; if it frequently changed a word it adds it to the most used and it's a terrible cycle.

But knowing how life works, a cop would drive by and catch him peeing outside and label him a sex offender for life.

Peeing outside is barbaric, I prefer pissing in the kitchen sink.

Sweet revenge: pee in your dad's coffee

Girls can pee outside too... they just have to be willing to. (Edit: that sounds ultra creepy. I'm a girl and I do not have a pee fetish. I do bushcraft every now and then. Sometimes a 'toilet' is just a spot on the ground which I cover with leaves each time.)

You should piss in a glass. Hopefully you don't get caught.

Should of pissed in his shoes, at least that's what my little niece used to do.

Find a nice, empty bottle of mountain dew. Be sure to hide it in the fridge so nobody accidentally finds it on the counter and drinks it.

Yes, because if it's in the fridge, people won't drink it.

67- Oh my goodness, I didn't think about that at all. Thanks for pointing out what should've been ever so obvious when I was typing out my comment. How embarrassing. :[

Don't worry, I think it's perfectly safe wherever if it's in a Mountain Dew bottle.

In a glass? I would have gone out back.

kittenvks 11

71- keep up the good work, you keep going like this and you'll be on someone's profile as a favorite commenter too. No sarcasm.

fylx100 19

So 116, what's your question? :) Because according to your picture, you mustache me a question. Is that true? :-{D

the_anti_hipster 7

146--I think he's shaving it for later :)

fylx100 19

151- LOL You're right... Probably why he hasn't replied :-{[

wlddog 14

Exactly. What's has happened to kids today? I used to walk out of the house simply so I could piss and not have my mom ask me if I closed the lid.

No. No. Pee on Dad's side of the bed.

murphy22 6

Don't most guys go outside to pee if the bathroom is taken?

unknown_user5566 26

20 "P" words. I'm impressed. Well played, 31... Well played.

20 p words. Sorry that I got bored and stopped reading at p word #5

**** the sink, go piss on his car. "going somewhere?", "oh I'm certainly going to GO, somewhere..."

Lilbabynid3 3

Men are like dogs, the world is our bathroom!

BunchieRules 31

46 - Or pretty much every other animal.

destinee_95 2

Hahaha, you should have pushed him out of the way

Posting what others have already said isn't.

97- You do realize the first 10 comments were within a minute of each other right? So it wasn't really copying.

What character from your dad. Props to him!