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Today, I had drunk sex with a girl that I barely know. I didn't have a condom and was nervous about getting her pregnant, but she assured me that I could pull out. Right when I was about to pull out, she wrapped her legs around me and yelled, "BE MY BABY'S DADDY!" I couldn't get out in time. FML
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Pull out method doesn't work. You're ****** for life.


today, I ****** this hawt guy whilste he was drunk. my plan went well too, I have him trapped with me forever, he's gonna be the daddy to my baby, he'll be sooooo happy!! (8)I wanna have your baby, I'm serious like crazy(8)

Pull out method doesn't work. You're ****** for life.

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hooked on pull out worked for me :) lol

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Precum can contain sperm moron. get educated.

1604: Yay, I don't have to scream at people through my iPod anymore. :) thank you, I now think there's some hope for humanity.

if you're referring to 1604, yes, yes it can.

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that sucks. I would've said i was about to finish earlier to see what she would have done. But thats ****** up. Ill be watching to see the "Today, the girl i had drunken sex with a while ago who wrapped her legs around me told me she was pregnant. FML" Yeah, Il be waiting on one like that

PROTIP: pulling out can still get her pregnant.

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yeah, you leak some before you cum

Why do people dislike comments about not k owing something or not understanding? They just don't know.

Very very late but you leak pre-cum and that can contain sperm

Don't you guys know that Precum is dead sperm cells?

1809, No, precum contains small amounts of live sperm... This thread just shows that schools need better sex Ed programs! Pulling out is not an effective form of birth control! The chances of getting pregnant off of precum is less than normal, but it is still a possibility and it happens all the time.

Hmm, the chance that she's actually pregnant is still pretty small. It just had to be the right time of the month and thats only 2 / 3 days a month.

u can get pregnant anytime...even during a period

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are you retarded? you cannot get pregnant anytime. like above, there is about a 2-3 day window. why do you think women have to plan to get pregnant? if it was that easy, a lot more babies would be born

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Actually, you can get pregnant at any time. It's easier to get pregnant those few days, which is why people plan, but a woman can get pregnant at any time.

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Sure, the sperm cell will just get an egg and pull it into the womb.

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Well I guess the internet just taught me that the degree I hold and all those college courses I took that said you can get pregnant any time of the month are just wrong then. And the text I'm holding right now that says you can get pregnant at any time. Yep. Mr. Internet, you taught me something today.

Yes, the internet can teach you what a degree can't and one is that you can't get pregnant any time. Have you not heard about women who have a diary to check when they can get pregnant?

burttrub0 0

dr alven is right. but again, its hard to get preggers on days when your not ovulating. Is that the word?

You can get pregnant at any time, those diarys are used purely to make the chance greater. Jesus, it's one of the first things you ever learn in sex education.

No. See, when you OVULATE is when the egg passes into the tubes, and if sperm connects with the egg, then you get pregnant. But the egg is only alive for 1-2 days, max. Sperm lives in the womb for up to 3 days, as far as I know. So in order to get pregnant, you would have had to have sex during five-day window. During your period is when the egg is expelled from the womb until another egg presents itself two weeks later. The sperm doesn't go through your tubes and into the holding place of all the eggs-- seriously. That textbook was clearly written by Opie, and you are even dumber than he is for believing it.

Technically she's right...I see a lot of people commenting on how long sperm lives inside the human body. Technically a woman can get pregnant any time of the month IF the sperm lives long enough to fertilize the egg. The textbook you're reading or have read unfortunately might be out of date or their facts are flat out wrong (possibly why we have an on going problem of teenage pregnancies in the world). They are getting false information like you have read. Depending on the source I've seen books state sperm can live inside the human body for 3-5 days. I would imagine this depends on multiple factors such as vaginal pH, protection type, ect. When people cant get facts to line up correctly...just wear a condom.

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now after reading this comment and the one adobe I'm scared of having a child of my own in the future... and i'm thinking that its too hard to get a woman knocked up... seriously you guys were too technically on your comments... no offenses... but they were also smart and I can see you researched first.... IMO this guy of the fml is so ****** up that I want to see a continuation of this fml like today, my son was born... he is alive because I had drunk and unprotected sex with his mom.... btw excuse me... my English it's a little bit rusty

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****!!! it's like sex Ed back in ****** elementary school all over again! even if she's not ovulating, you can get her pregnant. u don't believe me? go out and try it, wait and see if the bitch doesn't get pregnant. personal experience ****** sux

amazinggbaby 2

you CAN get pregnant without ovulating but I think the point these people are trying to make are that there's a slimmer chance of it. if you could get pregnant at any time you wanted why would couples have to try and plan for even months sometimes?

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To all you accidental babies out there that don't know shit, yes a pregnancy can happen at any time, that's how you were born you failures. gg tardwaffles.

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anyone else horny after reading these coments?

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you people are dumb. obviously you haven't seen 16 and pregnant lmao. you honestly think you can't get knocked up just bc it's a certain day of the month. my cousin thought so too and now she has a 13 year old son. Haha, do some research.

wow dumb *****. everyone knows you can get pregnant at amytime. its justeasier at a ceetqin time of the moth. and people wonder why we have so many teen pregnanvys? educate them better!

I got pregnant the day after my period. I was not ovulating and he even pulled out. plus I took a plan b pill the day after. and was on medication that risks the life of a potential child. it was my first time ever having sex. my son is 8 months old today and perfectly healthy. don't tell me you can't get pregnant at any time no matter what the circumstances are. my boy is a scientific miracle and my pride and joy!

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that's definitely not true. girls can get pregnant during any time of the month, even on their period. what you're talking about is ovulation, and all it does is make her twice ad fertile.

Sk8er951 3

thank you for proving every dumb **** wrong, "you can only get pregnant on 2 or 3 days of the month" everyone who thinks that are really ******* dumb. They should look it up and make themselves feel like they're stupid cuz they are

Are you basing your argument on a reality show? Of ffs

You can only get pregnant when an egg is present and in the right place, which is only for a few days each month, and even then you might not get pregnant

I wish this was a current FML so we could educate people here. There are only 2 or 3 days a month a woman can get pregnant and only about 4 or 5 days that sex can reault in pregnancy (since sperm can live inside the body for several days). There is even a contraceptive method using the ovulation cycle and can be 96% effective. Googleing this before replying would have been the way to go. It takes 30 seconds and is quickly confirmed.

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wow that sux... yeah the pulling out method doesn't work.... I am now an aunt cuz my brother in law thought that it would....

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hahaa thats sucks tthat should be a FML "Today, i have to buy $300 worth of gifts for my nephew/niece because my brother trusted the pullout method.FML"

ROFL thats a winner right there. Bet she's on the pill and just wanted to freak you out tho.

My ex freaked me out like that. Called me to say she's making an echo today. Turned out she had a piece of glass in her knee... My mom nearly had a heart attack though.. FML

I have a niece thanks to the pill... It's not 100% either. OP is still at a risk.. and I agree.. FYL