By IAmACoolCat - / Tuesday 5 July 2011 16:41 / United States
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  DKjazz  |  20

Poop app, 25? You mean the app you choose to use as you lose your poos? I guess mine is Angry Birds because you can play one-handed and wipe with the other. Also, when the white bird drops it's bomb, it's very encouraging.

  EatnBeef  |  7

kinggeorgegal, you have had the most thumbs downed comments I have ever seen. I hereby present the biggest failure in FML award to you. enjoy. yes that was a douchebagass thing to say so bring on the thumbs down:)

  Mach10  |  0

Yeah, that sounds way more likely than another spoiled self entitled brat whining about how hard their life is on FML.

Newsflash, OP, until you pay rent or mortgage, it's not yours.

  primadonna9396  |  16

I read it as the OP came home to her own apartment, and her dad (presumably keeper of the spare key) had broke in to take a shit. Weird, I usually assume the worst of the OP right off.

  Kayokku  |  1

Don't be dissing that cat, it's called a sphinx. They're odd-looking, but still cute. They get cold easily since they don't have much fur and they're adorable in little kitty sweaters :3

  Kayokku  |  1

Um. it appears that all of the comments talking about how ugly ammmeor's profile pic is just disappeared. If it's only appearing that way on my end, ignore this post. o_x