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Today, I found my dad using my bathroom. Why? Because he "had to take a crap" and didn't want to stink up his own bathroom. FML
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I happen to be taking a crap right now

who pays for the bathroom? I think it is HIS bathroom....


I happen to be taking a crap right now

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3.49 is all it cost for a bottle of febreeze.

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19 I was referring to 2's comment. Before 2 put a picture of a car up, there was a picture of herself.

stay out of OP's bathroom or you'll get an fml written about you...

what the hell, now chicks complain about people using their toilets?

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22, I think it's still pretty obvious that 1 is a girl. What man would drive a yellow Miata with a personalized license plate that said "Lesbian"?

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Poop app, 25? You mean the app you choose to use as you lose your poos? I guess mine is Angry Birds because you can play one-handed and wipe with the other. Also, when the white bird drops it's bomb, it's very encouraging.

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The smell will wear off soon, no big deal.

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The smell will wear off soon, no big deal.

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103/104 do the world a favor and google sarcasm. Thanks.

Well toilets ARE meant to be shat in..

I don't know what these girls are talking about. We dint poo or urinate, those fluids simply seep out of our pores making us smell like a bed of roses.

kinggeorgegal, you have had the most thumbs downed comments I have ever seen. I hereby present the biggest failure in FML award to you. enjoy. yes that was a douchebagass thing to say so bring on the thumbs down:)

girls are the same as guys.. we are all human :/

Who's bathroom now? You paid for it did you?

umm whats the big deal about this... it's only natural so stop complaining about girls not ********. it's human.

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spray some febreeze on that shit.

I would rather spray the Febreeze in and around the bathroom, not directly on the shit. But either one works.

DIE SHIT!! *sprays febreeze point blank* but seriously, a stinky bathroom is pretty usefull especially if your a frog. it attracts flies and I eat flies.

ydi for having your own bathroom sorry but you sound like a rich bastard

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OP go to his bathroom and stink up his and say " u were using my bathroom and besides i DIDNT WANT TO STINK UP MY BATHROOM." *snap snap snap*

febreeze only coats the surface, like frosting a turd. get some heavy duty shit out on that

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My dad did that to me too. It sucks.

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like you've never stunk up a bathroom

Yeah but OP still doesn't want his ******* bathroom to stink. Who want to go in a bathroom, take a deep breath and say "what a lovely scent of shit?"

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That would be a great new line of perfume, with scents such as "Eau de Shit" and "Rotting Flesh Parfum".

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Eau de merde sounds more sexy. vous ne parle français, vrai? haha

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h can by some febreeze all will be fine

who pays for the bathroom? I think it is HIS bathroom....

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well maybe OP moved out of their parents house and he was at her house using her bathroom

I know, right? OP has her own bathroom but she's still complaining...

Yeah, that sounds way more likely than another spoiled self entitled brat whining about how hard their life is on FML. Newsflash, OP, until you pay rent or mortgage, it's not yours.

I read it as the OP came home to her own apartment, and her dad (presumably keeper of the spare key) had broke in to take a shit. Weird, I usually assume the worst of the OP right off.

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well you wouldnt want to stink up a place you spend hours in either, would you?

well,duh!!! everyone knows that their personal bathtoom is for masturbating,silly.

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it looks like someone givin birth whats wrong wit u???

seriously? it's just a cat what's wrong with you?

Should give it a nice lethal injection of boot to the head

Okay....I know you guys did NOT just gang up on a cat.

reading the irrelevant replies to your picture honestly annnoyed the hell out of me, some people are just assholes.

nobody told you to read it soo shut the **** up

Don't be dissing that cat, it's called a sphinx. They're odd-looking, but still cute. They get cold easily since they don't have much fur and they're adorable in little kitty sweaters :3

Um. it appears that all of the comments talking about how ugly ammmeor's profile pic is just disappeared. If it's only appearing that way on my end, ignore this post. o_x

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Hey a bathroom is one of the many things important to a man.

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God I hope he went upper decker.