By EmbarrassedGirlfriend101 - United States
Today, while at my boyfriend's house, my stomach began to hurt really badly, so I excused myself to take a shit. I let it all out. Later on, his dad went to the bathroom and yelled, "Goddamn son, what the hell did you do in here?!" FML
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so r u gay?cuz u said u were at ur bfs house but it thru me off when his dad called u son.

  KaySL  |  24

Jesus fuck, #61, you're more than a little stupid, aren't you? First of all, even if it was two gay guys, why would you even mention it? What's the big deal? Secondly, she was at her BOYFRIEND'S HOUSE, so the boyfriend's dad is going to assume his son desecrated the shitter. Is that really so difficult to get through your skull? And for the love of god, learn to spell.


65 in my comment earlier i said she was at her bfs house,maybe u shud spend more time reading than being pissed off at peoples comments and she never said the dad thot it was his son plus she said she excused herself to go to the bathroom so if she did i was assuming that the dad new it was her since she excused herself earlier.and whats the big deal about me mentioning the gay thing? i dont care if i offended u.if ur gunna get offended by da stuff dat i say,dont read what i say.and who the fuck cares about my spelling!?! its obviously good enuff if u can tell what it says.dis isnt a fuckin spelling bee now is it? and if ur gunna go on here juss so u can complain about what i say cuz u need sumthin to complain about, go sit on a dick and complain about dat

  koe4  |  0

yea its been around the block more than a few times like that very old and unconcious hooker down the road behind the gas station that people keep poking even if its obvious they shouldnt.

  flockz  |  19

"ya dad, that god awful vile stench? ya that leaked out of my ass. I couldnt pull my shit together so i pretty much violated the toilet with my leaky shit. dont worry about the shit in the tub either, its all me . my ass was like a feces explosion and the closest container was the tub. it wasnt my girlfriend Sally at all. nope not one bit."

By  skata  |  4

I'm confused... I thought girls dont shit

  Epic_Times  |  10

#7 is s fucktard and shouldn't be allowed to breed. OP that's hilarious that the Dad assumed it was you're boyfriend :D typical male thing I guess.