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Today, I was playing with my little nephew and began to tickle him playfully, even though I know he doesn't like to be tickled. When I was done, he looked me straight in the eye, punched me in the groin, and told me, "No one tickles me". He's six. FML
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If you know he doesn't like it and you did it anyway, you sort of had it coming.

"Today I did something wrong and suffered the consequences. FML"


If you know he doesn't like it and you did it anyway, you sort of had it coming.

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I know right #1? When I was a kid I hated being tickled because sometimes I'd laugh so hard I'd piss myself - then it's just embarrassing. However I never punched someone in the nuts over it. :/ So OP - if someone doesn't like something - don't do it anyway. Sets you up for punishment.

NEVER tickle a little kid unprepared to be kicked in a soft spot.

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agreed! how can you expect the little one to have respect for you if you show no respect? kids are still people and deserve respect and their feelings acknowledged. YDI, OP.

Sounds like something my little cousin would do. He likes being tickled though.

Exactly! I have never forgotten the day that, knowing i absolutely hated being tickled, my cousin decided to torment me by tickling me until I was crying so hard I couldn't see or speak. It was awful. I hated him for years because of that.

Similar thing happened to me. My "friends" cornered me in the hallway at school one day when I was about 10 or 11 and started tickling me because they knew I'm ticklish everywhere, and although I was screaming at them to stop I was also laughing because it tickled, so the teacher didn't do anything, even after I had started crying and couldn't even make a sound anymore. When they finally stopped (because class started) I couldn't move for 5 minutes because my stomach hurt so much and I was crying so hard. Then the teacher came out and screamed at me for not coming into the lesson on time.

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Shoot, tickling is just bad in every way. Not really sure what natural selection was thinking here... One time my cousin was tickling me because I'm also ticklish everywhere. I ended up kicking over a cup of water and destroying my relatively new MacBook. Apple fortunately has great customer service and somehow got it fixed for free, despite me not having a warranty or anything to cover it. But it still sucked.

Yup. As a kid I had a very large man and his two kids hold me down and tickle me. I screamed, cried, ffinally fought my way out and had to run out of my house and down the street to hide from them. I've HATED being tickled ever since then and if someone tries, they will be met with knees, elbows, and fists. YDI

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Because replying with something unrelated to the first comment just to be seen is annoying.

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14 sometimes that is a persons defense my dad still try's to hold me down and tickle me and I'm 24 but when his boys get a good hit he backs off so it's more of a defense as for the 6 year old he just knows that he ain't taking no crap so don't tickle him

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the tickle monster ain't hidin under his bed

Your* sorry to be the grammar nazi, but this one bugs me.

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it's always "sorry! I'm not a grammar nazi, this one just bothers me!!! "

"Today I did something wrong and suffered the consequences. FML"

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Knowing that he doesn't like to be tickled and you do it anyways? You totally deserve this you moron. Lol.

I think OP knew something would happen, but nothing like that.

I don't know why #32 got voted down. I'm sure he didn't expect to get hit in the nether regions by a young child, either.

And from that moment on, you are now that six year old's bitch.

better hope he forgets about this when he gets bigger

most kids like being tickled. but the fact that he doesnt, and you know he doesn't but did it anyway, you totally deserved it.

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no. no one likes being tickled.

I do not know a single person who enjoyed being tickled as a child. I also don't know what sick joke evolution had in mind when it decided our reaction to tickling would be uncontrollable laughter, because it sure as hell is not joyful.