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Today, I discovered the downside to having a "sneak-attacks-allowed" tickle war with my 4-year-old son. I had to explain to several outraged strangers at the supermarket why my son kept flinching and pulling away whenever I made any sudden movements near him. FML
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As long as you have a good relationship with your son **** what they think

That's really cute though. At least you and your son will look back on it with fondness.


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As long as you have a good relationship with your son **** what they think

Until they call the cops/security on OP or decide to "protect" the child themselves.

I'm glad OP has that kind of relationship, but admit it—you'd be concerned if you saw a child flinching away from his parent. These people are just concerned and I'd rather have that than them not care at all for the safety of a child.

#14 If they take the "issue" in thier own hands they'll look like jackasses and be charged with assault as there's no actual abuse. If they call the law nothing will happen since there's nothing going on it'll do no more than waste the officer and OPs time. A "tickle war" with your kid won't really constitute your child being taken.

Yes alls well until they call CPS then it's not so well ...

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I'd agree, except what they think can lead to CPS thinking the same thing. Unfortunately CPS has basically limitless authority, and can cause problems just over rumors or suspicion. (Especially in Florida)

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They can report abuse without risk. On top of that, if 3+ people report it within a span of couple months, CPS is almost guaranteed to come storming in.

That's really cute though. At least you and your son will look back on it with fondness.

Haha I used to have something like that when I was a kid. I hated and loved it at the same time xD

This is the cutest FML I've ever read. At least your son isn't flinching because he's scared of pain, but of being tickled instead.

To the point where they can't breathe, yes, but not by default.

#2: It was a reference to an older FML.

This is actually really adorable! As long as your son knows you would never hurt him everything is fine.

Until some dipshit decides to call CPS becuase they think they know everything and couldn't mind their own damn business.

18- Thats not really true, because there truly are parents who hit their children and not calling would just be bad for the kid.

Without hard evidence of child abuse, then CPS shouldn't be called. Too many people abuse the system, thinking they know what's best for other people's kids. If you don't know the story, mind your own business.

True #28 but if someone is really concerned that a child is being abused they should never hesitate to call at least the cops (instead of CPS) because children are abused everyday and it doesn't hurt anyone to just make sure there's nothing bad going on.

I'm not saying there's never a reason to call, but too many people think they know best, and will call for little to no reason at all. Case in point: when my daughter was around six months old, I had CPS called on me TWICE, by two different people, because they thought there was no way, being a single father, I could take care of my child properly. There are limits. So unless you personally see the child being abused, then it's nobody's business.

That's disgusting that that happened to you. Seriously I'm so sorry. I still think calling the police when you think something is up is pretty harmless. Seeing the abuse with your own eyes isn't the only sign of abuse.

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My aunt had CPS called on her a couple times because she used cloth diapers. People abuse the system over petty shit.

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My brothers kindergarten teacher called CPS because my brother came in with messy hair everyday for a few weeks. Not dirty, messy. The reason his hair was messy? It was the middle of winter and he wore a hat when my dad walked him to school, which, once inside of course came off and messed up his hair.

CPS nowadays is a god damn joke. My nephew and I wrestle and he gets a couple bruises, teacher sees em? CPS at his moms house. It's happened multiple times too, damn gingers and their easy bruising. They did the same to me when I was younger and playing football/baseball. Crappy field meant Bad hops meant bruises on my arms during baseball season and a few black eyes. Also footballs football so I wore bruises year round. Always had to deal with those CPS idiots.

In the US teachers are mandatory reporters. That means if I see a child with multiple bruises or routinely not dressed properly for the weather, among other things, I am obligated by law to file a report with CPS/DCFS. I could lose my job and credential if I don't. It really isn't about trying to interfere in anyone's life or thinking I know everything. It's my job and it's the law. Teachers are discouraged from asking or questioning children about incidents we report, so we often have to make judgement calls. It sounds like some of the above posters have had absurd claims brought up, and that's terrible-- it's an imperfect system. Every time I make a report, I hope I'm wrong. Unfortunately, I've been right a lot more than I've been wrong.

And even if it wasn't required by law, people should still report things. Like, I'm sorry you all felt embarrassed because CPS was called but don't you rest easy knowing people care about children enough to call?? It's better they be called too often than not enough IMO

No it really isn't. If you know a kid plays sports year round and you call CPS every time he has a bruise, you're a ******* moron. You're taking away from CPS ability to deal with real issues and using them to harass people. It doesn't help that most CPS people that come to talk to a family have no clue about children and just want to bust someone for something. They don't even bother listening to the kid when they ask where bruises came from and instead try to trap the kid into saying something bad about the parent. They're manipulative douches as a whole. I know there are decent ones out there but I've never seen em.

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As long as your son can answer that it's a tickle attack if he's ever asked. Besides you guys are having fun! And that's what matters!

High five, low five... Cut the pickle ... Tickle tickle... Grab his arm when he tries to cut the pickle...and tickle him My 4 year old son loves it too