By LGraham - 16/6/2020 20:08

Weird kid

Today, my nephew kicked me in the balls, again! And he got me fair and square this time. It's the fourth time he's got me in the balls since the pandemic started. I have to put my groin guard from college on and teach him a lesson because he won't listen and he's 12, so he knows what he's doing. FML
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By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

You know he's going to do it so prepare yourself. hopefully him hitting the guard on hurts like hell.

Accidentally get him in the gonads and see how he likes it.

By  TexasKitten79  |  3

I'd say hit him in his balls every time he does it to you. Not full force, but tell him, "You do that again and I'll hit you back." It's the only way kids like that learn. If he doesn't learn, he's going to do it to the wrong person and get the sh*t kicked out of him.

By  kendonmcb  |  17

Assuming you are a grown man, you won't get far in live if you let yourself getting bullied by a 12yo. Punch that little POS in the face, problem solved. It will also help him finding his place in society.