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  blazingshot147  |  19

Woah, hold up. This kid just may not know what he's saying. I think it's time he just needs to be taught about what he just said. Though, it would never hurt to have OP explain what happened too.

  joana_g_06  |  19

I know a story about a man being in jail for 6 years, loosing his job and dignity because his 9 yo stepdaughter told her mother that he had touched her down there.
Why? She was jealous because they were planning on having a kid together.

  thespiantess  |  18

Unfortunately most cases of molestation come from people close to the child, such as parents, step-parents, uncles/aunts, family friends... So yeah, although it is an unfortunate situation, it wouldn't be unusual if OP's sister/sister-in-law doubted OP's word.

By  ValariaJet  |  12

I hated being tickled as a kid. It was horrible - because I was laughing when I said stop they wouldn't stop. Kid probably has the same thing and some phrasing issues. Your sister will understand. :)

  Izabushel  |  65

I hated being tickled as a kid as well. Still do. People do it too hard and it hurts. Laughing can be a nervous response and not always an indication that the person laughing is having fun.

Saying 'bad spots' could be his way of saying he is being touched in a way he does not like. He most likely has been given the talk about reporting people who touch him inappropriately. He's probably trying to tell OP not to tickle him.

  cristy91  |  33

I got tickled so hard by family members I would cry :( only about two years ago did I start letting my boyfriend touch my stomach cuz I would have tickle flashbacks. Don't tickle kids hard, people

  lulinator  |  40

I also hate being tickled. I punched a boyfriend out once because he wouldn't stop. That ended that relationship!

I do tickle my kids though, relentlessly. I'll have to stop soon though, because after you're not a kid anymore, it's just annoying as hell.

  thespiantess  |  18

The laugh that comes from tickling is almost always an involuntary panic response from the body, so it's normal that most people feel terrified when it comes to being tickled.

  mwali02  |  32

No, he probably doesn't. The kid is three. It will get better from here. There are still a lot of teaching opportunities for the entire family. But at three years old, I doubt that he realized the potential implications of what he said. Good thing kids grow! :)

By  ez2LOVE  |  13

oh that's embarrassing and sucks OP, hopefully family would be more understanding than someone you don't know that well! don't beat yourself up about it, but at least the kid is aware and knows to tell a trusted adult about potential abuse!