By Christine - / Saturday 9 May 2009 06:08 / United States
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  BanjoCheeseGuy  |  26

Excuse me for both being too late and donald trump, but WRONG. My family used to have a cat named socks, and he would randomly attack everyone. Not all cats are fluffy angels.

By  Rodjmeister  |  0

Contrary to popular belief cats are pretty rough-and-tumble animals. when my two cats were kittens they'd look like they were about to kill each other, and regularly fall down stairs, off tables, and do all manner of other things while playing. One time they actually chased each other out a second story window, landed somewhat dazed, but then quickly realized they were just outside and continued playing in the yard.

so, unless your brother was doing something like that youtube cat torture video (which I doubt seeing as he's five) just let him play.

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