By kimeatszombies - United States - Riverside
Today, while driving around with my brother and his idiotic friends, one of them decided it would be a brilliant idea to throw a hot sauce packet out of the car window at a moving vehicle. I've never seen someone angry enough to stop and get out of a vehicle that fast. FML
kimeatszombies tells us more :
Okay, so we saw them coming at us, so the driver (my brother's friend), took off. He managed to get in between cars at a stop light we were stopped at, and got away, but then the people in the car they threw the hot sauce packet at, got back in their car and proceeded to follow us, FAST. Long story short, my brother's friend got in trouble for reckless driving and actually got his license suspended, since he was under the age of 18. Such a good time. |:
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Someone is a hot head..