By monsterinlaw - 21/01/2014 06:25 - United States - Columbus

Today, I found out that even after three years, my boyfriend's mother replies, "Unfortunately" when asked if we are still together. FML
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unfortunately you have to deal with her

Sorry you have to deal with that.


Sorry you have to deal with that.

Yeah. That's unfortunate.

Quite unfortunate.

My fiancee mother does the same thing and we have been together 8 years. So don't feel to bad OP

It's horrible that she doesn't like your relationship. At least he stayed with you even though his mom didn't like you, OP.

I can relate. My boyfriends mother is a bitch. My sympathies. At least she doesn't try to sabotage the relationship.

My boyfriends mother also tries to sabotage our relationship -.-

unfortunately you have to deal with her

colton_colton 49

Well atleast he still loves you

Honesty is the best policy.

The world is built on little white lies.

This is beyond relevant to me. Except my boyfriends mom is a judgmental church rat! So sorry you deal with that

church rat when the fuck did that become a term for church goers

I'm sure when she says church rat she's not referring to all church goers. I'm sure we all know that one person that goes to church and acts so religious and yet when you mention someone they dislike they'll be very judgemental... most of my bfs family is like that so I understand #5 and I understand OP as well.

Why is 5 getting thumbed down? Probably just by all the church rats on fml

It became one when I mentioned it! Apparently someone gave a fuck about that term sorry idc .. And of course I'm sure all these hypocrite judgemental church rats thumbed it down, ask me if I care.. haha no I don't:)

I can't imagine why she wouldn't like you. You seem downright charming!

@71 In my opinion, and many modern people's opinion, being disliked by bible losers is something to pride yourself on :)

Bitch, she should be happy that you two are happy together.

I can so see my boyfriends family being like this with me. we've been together for almost two years and his nan hates me! when my boyfriends mum asked.him what he wants for his birthday his nan said he should get 'a new girlfriend'

I'm assuming grandma right? my bfs tells him "you're so fat. Its.probably because you eat all that Mexican food!" (I'm Hispanic and he's Asian. It doesn't offend me because, as jacked up as it sounds, she might not be around long enough for me to get to know her like that. So hang in there sweety! :) Hopefully they come around x)

yeah it's just another term for.grandma. I called mine granny :-) his is the same with insulting him about his hair or if he hasn't shaved etc she even said he smelled bad once! his stepdad wasn't happy with her. she likes to call me useless and things like that because I'm rather ill but I'm more support to him than she is! talking about food: his family really doesn't like the fact I am a coeliac and that he eats gluten free around me. the thing is he has shown symptoms of coeliac disease and had recently found out he has a problem with his liver so he is going to get tested! they'd go batshit crazy! :-D we are going to start visiting his family more often so they have to just deal with it and see that our relationship is real!

As long as the two of you are happy together op, don't let her opinion get to you.

She's probably jealous your boyfriend is flicking your breast instead of hers.

Ugh, that's disturbing. OP, at least your boyfriend doesn't have an Oedipus complex; that's always a plus! ;D

its disturbing but I found that funny. It was probably the way I said it in my head.

This makes me think of that creepy old spice commercial where the moms are following their sons+gf and singing about their boys becoming sexy men

That commercial is f**king hilarious!

That commerical actually was freaky... Something about it just struck me as odd. Maybe it's just me, but it really bothered me. XD