By Red-cheeked - 18/05/2011 13:08

Today, at work, somebody stole my sunglasses. Fed up with the constant theft in my office, I stormed up to my boss, as he had long ago promised to catch the thief. He listened patiently to my rant before pointing out that my sunglasses were on my head. FML
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it happens to all of us ;)

ohh wow i hate when that happens. like when you get someone to call your phone to find where it is and suddenly it starts ringing from your pocket...or your hand...sigh...


it happens to all of us ;)

Olovio 5

No. Only you.

haha my grandma does that and shes like where are my glasses?! and I let her look for them for like 5 minutes before i tell her.. haha lol

I've done that with my eyeglasses while wearing them before. Makes ya feel kind of stupid. :-/

PurpleRae420 0

Haha I've done that or they were right in front of me blonde moment it does happen to all of us don't lie

KiddNYC1O 20

^ I agree. Similar things happen to everyone.

lol it's ok, he's to "manly" to admit he makes mistakes

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imacreeper 3

quick OP, knock him out unconscious! how dare that oaf point out where your glasses truly were?

omfg I hate it when this happens with my pencils!! specially during exams cause I'm like "WTF someone stole my pencil!!" and then someone, usually the teacher, says, "umm, it's on your ear..." FML.

1)no offense but that picture REALLY scares me 2)how come you put your pencil behind your ear?

sterlingarcher you are hot.

KiddNYC1O 20

97- Storage. You seem oblivious to the fact people have been doing that for ages.

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I did that with my phone too when it was in my hand I felt really stupid

Badshah29 6

Me too, several times!

PrimeStarscream 30

I've lost my glasses on my face before.

im the first and i didnt even read this :)

ohh wow i hate when that happens. like when you get someone to call your phone to find where it is and suddenly it starts ringing from your pocket...or your hand...sigh...

ahahaaha thats actually happened to me before

Blake4477 0

Why is your name Gayboii?

coz thats what my friends call me

>_< FYL op, a thief is in your office, stupid mistake or not.

OceanBreathesSal 5

haha that never happened to me but once while I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend I started freaking out that I couldn't find my phone. ha it only took me 2 seconds for me to realize I was talking on it.

Wow you guys are special

flighted 1

Hahah I wish I could've seen your face after he pointed that out.

Sounds like you "puts on sunglasses" need a new job.

Your boss seems nice. Just make sure to check your head next time.

shakeTHEworld 12

YDI. you do NOT make a scene until you get your facts right.

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are you dumb? she didn't know they were on her head, and it was only her boss.

stayawakee 0

73 - Only her boss? Since it's almost impossible to find a job in todays society, it's a little more serious than just saying he's only being her boss. She's lucky her boss was nice enough not to fire her stupid ass.

you can feel sunglasses on your head and why was she wearing them in the office anyways?

well they were on her head because she didn't need them in the office, genius.

What else has been "stolen?" @bluegoldfish I've definitely "lost" my phone, pen and keys, whilst holding them in my hand too. ALSO, get even with your head by feeding it alcohol...

oh yeah done that too. hell, i managed to "lose" my school's double bass the other day by leaving it under a table after playing it :P

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could have been worse, atleast they weren't in your hand(:

TheBinksOhhhh13 0

Don't feel bad , I lost my glasses on my head once ...